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September 2021 Author Press Releases

Sep 30 Author Hopes Her Emotional Writings Make a Difference for Her Readers
Sep 28 If You Understand and Believe God's Promises, Your Life Will Change
Sep 28 Jesus Christ, the Master Physician, Works with Nurses, Too
Sep 28 A Powerful Discovery of Faith Through Illness and Unexpected Tragedies
Sep 22 He Was Chosen to Suffer for Christ, But He Wouldn't Change it for the World
Sep 22 Sound Bites and One-Sentence Quotes Don't Do God's Word – or His People – Justice
Sep 22 Make the Lord the Center of Whatever You Do, and You Will Find Success
Sep 22 Take Charge of Your Finances When It Feels Like Things Are Spiraling Out of Control
Sep 22 Where Do You Go When You Discover That Home Is No Longer Safe?
Sep 20 Pride Goes Before A Fall, But What Does It Actually Entail?
Sep 20 Our Call to Be Disciples and Getting Back to the Basics of Christianity
Sep 20 If You Think Poems Are Too Abstract To Tell A Story – Think Again!
Sep 20 If Individuals Change the Way They Think, They Can Change Their Own Behavior and Influence Others
Sep 20 God Saw Her Through Depression and Brought Her Joy Back; He Can Do it for You, Too
Sep 20 Teach Children Godly Character Through Fun and Relatable Characters
Sep 15 Regardless of Their Life Circumstances, Readers Can Know They Are Not Alone.
Sep 15 Children Can Learn Real Animal Facts or Imagine New Creatures.
Sep 15 Experiencing Success in New Ways is Possible with These Key Business Principles.
Sep 14 If You Keep Pentecost, You'll Be Interested To Know When It Should Be Celebrated
Sep 14 You Don't Need To Settle For Okay; God's Plan For You Is Good!
Sep 14 When No One Will Listen, What Do You Do? Recruit More Voices.
Sep 14 Do You Believe In The Impact Of Sunday School? These Heroes Of The Faith Did
Sep 14 What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You When You Were A Child?
Sep 13 God's Children Are Not Only Loveable – They Are Unmistakably Beloved!
Sep 13 No Matter How Wide-Spread, God Has Influenced Every Aspect of Human Existence
Sep 13 If You See the Evils of Racism and What to Enact Change, Start Here
Sep 13 Help Children Understand Their Unique Place As Jewish Believers
Sep 03 Read the Story of the Rwanda Civil War Written By a Missionary Who Was There
Sep 03 God's Covenants Throughout the Old Testament Are Relevant to Believers Today
Sep 03 Personal Revelations Find Their Voice In Order to Strengthen Others
Sep 03 What Kinds of People Will Dedicate Their Adult Lives to Teaching Sunday School? The Answer Might Surprise You
Sep 03 Your Life Is Not All About You; Fix Your Eyes On Something Greater
Sep 03 Does Marrying Someone From Your Native Country Mean You Have Similar Expectations?
Sep 03 God's Covenants Throughout the Old Testament Are Relevant to Believers Today
Sep 03 What If Your Insatiable Curiosity Endangered Everyone and Everything You Loved?
Sep 03 Title says it all: “Bible Study For Those Who Don't Read The Bible”
Sep 02 God's Love Is the Transformative Force That Can Change the World
Sep 02 The Spirit of Jezebel is Alive and Well; Is The Church Ready?
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