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August 2021 Author Press Releases

Aug 24 Many Adults Are Anxious to Throw Out Their Masks, But Children May Struggle With the Transition
Aug 24 Global Change Comes About One Person, One Heart, At a Time
Aug 24 Only the Strength of Community Can Inspire A Hero's True Power
Aug 24 Some People Can Keep Secrets For Years, Even For A Lifetime
Aug 20 When Everything In Your Life Changes All At Once, How Do You Cope?
Aug 20 Making The Decision to Follow Christ Is Not Always Easy, But It Is Always Worth It!
Aug 20 They Came to the U.S. To Get A Fresh Start, And Planted Seeds For the Future
Aug 20 Over 25 Years of Helping People Resolve Problems, You Learn A Few Things!
Aug 16 After Years of Searching, One Author Discovered His Life's Purpose – And Yours, Too
Aug 16 What If God's True Name Is Not Quite A Word, But A Sound?
Aug 16 No Matter Where You Are Or Where You've Been, God Will Meet You There
Aug 16 Emotional Wounds Need Healing Just As Much As Physical Ones
Aug 12 Living in Wisdom, Strength, and Unity: Follow Sophie in this Dynamic, Exhilarating Story
Aug 09 Even Today, Jesus Still Walks With His Children Through The Fire
Aug 09 God's Plan For You Is Always Good – Don't Blame The Evil On Him!
Aug 09 Take a Few Minutes Each Day to Center Your Mind on Christ
Aug 09 God Planned A Purpose For His Creation From The Beginning
Aug 09 Local Iraqi Archaeology Attests to the Accuracy of God's Word and of Prophecy
Aug 09 If You've Ever Thought, “There Must Be More Than This,” You're Right!
Aug 06 God is Capable of Communicating With Us In Numerable Ways
Aug 06 The Pharisees Rejected Jesus as the Messiah Centuries Ago, But Times Are Changing!
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