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October 2021 Author Press Releases

Oct 26 New Book Walks Believers Through God's Call to Repentance and Restoration
Oct 26 Man's Best Friend Can Also Be A Fabulous Teacher, If We Just Pay Attention
Oct 26 How Amazing Would It Be To See Jesus Come To Earth Twice?
Oct 26 Commentary Aims to Clear Up Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings in the Bible
Oct 25 Overcome Fear and Let Faith and Love Be the Main Focus of Your Life
Oct 25 With Hope in Christ, You Can Surpass Any Challenging Circumstance
Oct 25 Once You Invite Satan's Helpers into Your Life, There Is Only One Way To Get Rid of Them
Oct 21 Author Inspires Others to Spend More Time On Their Knees Than On Their Feet
Oct 14 Thought-Provoking Reading Forces Inquisitive Minds To Think Again
Oct 11 New Children's Book Helps Children Realize They Are Not Defined By Their Limitations
Oct 11 Inspiring Lesson For Children: God Welcomes His Lost Sheep Back Home
Oct 11 God Is With You Through All of the Dark Times, and He Will Work It Out
Oct 11 Deciphering the Book of Revelation's Ambiguous Foretold Events
Oct 11 David's Family Had Plenty of Drama, But What If There Was Even More Than We Thought?
Oct 11 Fictional Story Inspires and Embraces the Wonder of God's Plan For Humanity
Oct 11 Ambition Paves a Dangerous Road When It Has No Boundaries
Oct 11 Discover Peace, Truth and Hope Through The Unwavering Love of God
Oct 04 The Love of God Reaches Out to Those Suffering in Shame and Silence
Oct 04 Forget Wishing on a Shooting Star – Next Time, Try Lassoing One!
Oct 04 Highly Anticipated Third Book in Series Defines What it Means To Be a Mature Christian
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