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October 2022 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 Author Inspires Others Through Her Story of Loving God Even in The Midst of Pain
Oct 31 It's Never Too Late For Change—Real Life Miracles Through God's Grace
Oct 31 Doctor Shares Her Own Story of Healing To Give Hope to Others on Their Healing Journey
Oct 31 Pastor Pens Third Collection of Thought-Provoking Seasonal Messages
Oct 31 There's No Place Like a Battlefield to Come Face-to-Face with Your Creator
Oct 31 You Can Work to Change the Direction in Which America is Headed
Oct 31 Follow an American Family through their Life on the Prairie
Oct 31 Imagine What Would Happen If We Held Memories In Our Hearts, Rather Than Our Minds
Oct 31 Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Truly Believed That You Had a Purpose
Oct 31 If You Have Hard Questions and Complicated Feelings, You Are Not Alone!
Oct 31 If You Are a Mother, You Are at Once a Servant and a Warrior
Oct 27 If the Funniest Stories Are the Ones We Remember, Then Why Not Use Them to Teach?
Oct 27 Are Your Beliefs About Salvation Founded In the Bible, Or In Man's Teaching?
Oct 20 We Do Not Have to Accept Racial Conflict and Friction as Part of Our Country's Modern Narrative
Oct 20 A Devotional For Believers Seeking Two-Way Communion With Their Lord
Oct 20 Have You Ever Determined What Faith Is And Why It Matters?
Oct 20 Instead of Fearing Change, Seek it Out and Let it Transform You.
Oct 20 Scholars and Fanatics from all Walks of Life Seek to Predict the End of the World, but God Has the Final Word
Oct 20 You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have, So Be Filled In Order to Fill Others
Oct 20 Poems Can Often Express Emotion in a Way No Other Literary Form Can
Oct 13 Some Serve God From Within the Walls Of A Church – Some From Without
Oct 13 The Body of Christ Suffers When it Doesn't Recognize the Ministry of Prayer
Oct 13 Even Though You Think There Is No Hope For Your Marriage, Jesus Says There Is Always Hope
Oct 10 Exciting Sequel to Action-Packed Fictional Book Combines Suspense, War and Military Themes With a Refreshing Christian Twist
Oct 10 Pastor With More Than 4 Decades in Ministry Pens Encouraging Workbook to Help Christians Grow Spiritually
Oct 10 Author Transparently Shares Her Own Story of Parental Grief to Help Others Navigate This Overwhelming Journey
Oct 10 Teacher and Mother Works With Her Children To Create Charming Children's Books
Oct 06 If You Thought An Afternoon With Granny Meant Baking Cookies, Think Again!
Oct 06 Experience God's Goodness Along With A Thrilling New Adventure
Oct 06 With So Many Opportunities Available, Children Can Choose Among Many Paths To Serve God
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