2018 Amplify Writing Conference

June 8-9, 2018 · Orlando, Florida

Breakout Sessions

Big Beginnings: How to Write an Introduction That Will Hook Your Reader​
Presenter: Eli Gonzalez
In this ​insightful​ session​,​ ​you will learn why ​the first three chapters​ are one of​ the most important parts of ​your book. ​Discover how to craft a great beginning ​to hook​ your reader ​and keep them wanting more!

The Power Of Pre-Marketing, and Why Successful Authors Do It​
Presenter: Don Newman
Few things ​can propel​ the sale​s​ of your book like pre-marketing can. In the session​,​ ​you’ll learn how ​to creat​e​ the demand for ​your ​book well before ​it​ is published and available to buy. You’ll not only learn why ​pre-marketing​ truly is the secret sauce of ​a book launch, you​’​ll also learn simple steps anyone can do to create a demand and build an audience before your pub date.

Overcoming Obstacles, Distractions, and Excuses​
Presenter: Peter Lopez
Did you know that​ 89% of people think about writing a book​,​ but only 1% actually do it​?​ In this ​workshop, ​you’​ll receive insights on how to remove barriers that keep most ​would-be authors ​from ever publish​ing​ the book they dream about. ​You’ll also receive a ​f​ree Book Template ​to help ​you​ navigate the writing process​.​

Storytelling 101: ​Writing Christian Fiction​
Presenter: Erika Bennett
​Chances are you could use some assistance creating dazzling scenes, building suspense, and transporting your readers into the middle of your tale. This workshop, led by our Author Development Program editor, will teach you how.

Partnering With God to Write Your Book​
Presenter: Valerie Bennett
In this session​,​ ​you’ll learn what it looks like to hear the call, ​how to ​overcome ​your​ fear​ with faith​​,​ and ​hear stories on how to follow ​through on your writing journey. For the Christian author​,​ ther​e​ can be no greater ​co-writer than God​.​

Social Media: How to Build Your Brand with Authenticity and Purpose
Presenter: Brittnee Newman
In the age where social media is king, understanding how to create a truly riveting brand on social media can change everything. Learn how the intersection of your faith, talent, personality and passions holds the secret to becoming an influencer.

The ​Mechanics: Book Structure ​a​nd Editing​
Presenter: Michelle Johnston
In this session​,​ you will learn from an editor​’​s point of view how a book should be organized for the strongest read. You​’ll​ also learn about the different types of editing​,​ and how they can strengthen your book.

One-On-One Author ​C​oaching​
Participants can schedule a on​e-​on​-​one coaching session with an experienced publishing consultant where they can discuss their book idea or answer any of their writing or publishing questions.