How To Get Started Publishing

Step One – Choose Your Book Publishing Program

The first step in getting your book self-published is deciding on your publishing package. Our professionally, trained publishing consultants will help you decide on a publishing package that meets the need of your book. We are one of the few self-publishing companies that offer affordable, custom publishing packages that meet your publishing needs. We offer a nonexclusive contract and you retain all rights to your book. This is very important item in your contract. When a traditional publisher is interested in your book, you can take all of your files with you – no questions asked!Don’t worry if your manuscript isn’t completed. We give you an entire year to submit your book files to us. We can also get you started with our payment plan service. Please note there are important book industry dates you will want to keep a close eye on in helping you market and sell your book. Please see a list of these events here.

Step Two – Submit Your Book Files

Once you’ve chosen a publishing package, completed your publishing agreement and payment, the second step is to submit your book manuscript, graphics, author photograph, and anything else that will appear in your book or on your book cover design. We provide you with a 24/7 online Author Center that helps you manage the production of your book.Before you begin submitting your files, please review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and the Submission Checklist. By following our self-publishing guidelines, you can move through our production process with ease! Need assistance, please contact your Author Service Representative at 1-866-381-2665. Visit your Author Center begin the process of uploading your book files.

Step Three – The Production Process

Once you submit your book files, we have our Preproduction team review all of your files to ensure they meet our guidelines. If there are any issues with your files, we will contact you immediately. The production process typically takes less than 90 days as long as all your files are submitted correctly.

Once your files are approved by our Preproduction staff, we then move them onto our Design team. These award-winning professional will typeset your book based on the Chicago Manual of Style Guide and create a custom book cover based on the questionnaire and feedback you provide. Xulon Press does not believe in template cover designs. The bookstore industry knows us for the professional quality of books we create for our authors. It is important to choose a recognized and respected self-publishing company.

Step Four – The Book Review Process

Once we have completed the first round of your book interior and cover designs, we will post these to your Author Center for your review. This is where you can catch any last minute spelling errors and dot those I’s and cross those T’s. We give you up to 100 book corrections for FREE. Once you have reviewed your book and made your corrections, it’s time for you to approve the production process.

Step Five – Completing and Finalizing Your Book

Once your book is approved, we finalize all the parts (interior, cover, spine and back cover) to great one final book.

Step Six – Your Book Goes Live!

Xulon Press makes your book available to the largest distribution network of 71,000 retail and library customers globally, plus online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We will also have our Book Sales Representative and Marketing Specialist provide you with a FREE consultation on how you can sell and market your book. If you’ve chosen the Best-Seller or Elite self-publishing packages, we will begin to launch your marketing campaigns and get you ready for the largest Christian book industry event – International Christian Retail Show!