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How Self-Publishing Works

Creating your book is fast, easy and affordable.

Xulon Press takes your print ready manuscript and typesets it into a professional, bookstore quality book in the trim size of your choice. Our award-winning cover designers create a custom, bookstore quality book cover. All you need to do is submit your completed print ready manuscript and our professional typesetters will format the interior for you. We can complete your final book in less than 90 days! Why wait on a traditional book publisher when you can self-publish your book today?

What is Self-Publishing?

  • Developed to help up and coming writers realize their dreams of becoming published authors.
  • Offers authors the rare opportunity to retain creative control of their book, resulting in a higher quality product.
  • Allows authors to keep 100% of all sales profits.
  • Utilizes print-on-demand technology, which means that printing a book has now become relatively low-cost for authors.

Please review our Production Lifecycle for a close-up look at how your book is produced.

Well Written Books Sell More Books!

The quality of your book is a very important step in the self-publishing process – often the one thing that sets apart self-published books from those that go through a traditional publishing pipeline. Our team of professional, book publishing editors can give your book a traditional book polish!

Let us edit the book! View our editorial self publishing services.

Self-publishing means you don’t have to warehouse a large quantity of books.

Once your book is finalized we make your Christian book available to readers through the largest distribution network of 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries, plus online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In less than 90 days your Christian book will reach a readership of thousands, making you a leading author in the field of Christian self publishing! You don’t have to warehouse a large quantity of books. Customers can order your book online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers and our distribution partners will print and fulfill your customer orders directly.

Ordering large quantities of your book is very affordable.

If you have a book signing, conference or special event and need to order books directly, Xulon Press offers one of the largest volume discounts in the self-publishing industry. You can review our book retail prices and volume discount page for more information on large quantity authors. We also provide you with free book sales profitability analysis to help you make the best decision on the quantity of books you need to order.

Check out our wholesale discounts for your book.

100% Royalty!

We are one of very few publishers who pay 100% of the net profits on all books sold through 3rd party retailers like Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, and Barnes & Noble, etc. Retailers typically keep about 55% of the retail price. Once you subtract the cost of printing, shipping and the share the retailer keeps, the rest is yours. We keep NOTHING so you earn as much as possible from your work!

View our author royalty rates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Book Self Publishing

At Xulon Press, we make self publishing your book easy. But if this is your first book self publishing experience, it may still seem like a complicated process. These questions and answers are designed to “cover the bases.”

What is on-demand publishing?

On-demand publishing means exactly what it implies: books are printed only as they are ordered. We use digital technology to store and print your book electronically. That means we print books only as the market demands them, removing the need to warehouse books. We can print a 500-page book in less than one minute, in any quantity, even one book at a time, fulfilling orders fast.

How long does book self publishing take?

Generally, it takes about 90 days to get your book published and ready to order (45 days if you choose RUSH service). If you choose to review cover and text files on “hard copy,” instead of online, it will take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to deliver materials back and forth between you and our office. Scanned books may take 4-5 weeks longer to publish. Authors should not schedule book signings or other special promotions until they have their printed FREE books in hand.

Do I get to keep the rights to my book?

Yes! Our book publishing services agreement is author-friendly and allows you to take your book to another publisher if you so desire. Just let us know in writing. The book manuscript will always remain your work and the original work will always remain in your name and ownership.

Will my book be listed with

Yes! Your book will be listed on so that hundreds of millions of readers can view and purchase your book. You’ll be able to post your own review, check on sales rankings, and even link your own website.

Who owns the copyright to my book?

You do. When you wrote your book, you automatically asserted copyright ownership. But registering with the U.S. Congress Copyright Office, which records this ownership more formally, gives you better recourse in case of infringement. Most of our publishing packages come with US Copyright registration.

View more frequently asked questions about self publishing.

Xulon Press has helped over 10,000 Christian authors get their books published. We are the largest Christian self-publishing company in the book industry. Call one of our publishing consultants today at 1-866-381-2665 and they can help you get started on your dream of getting your book published.

What you get when you self-publish with Xulon Press

  • Professional book industry editorial team.
  • Professional, bookstore quality cover design.
  • Professional, bookstore quality formatted interior.
  • Publisher’s ISBN for bookstore availability.
  • On-Demand, lightning-fast printing process.
  • No minimum book order required.
  • Your book available in paperback, hardcover, dust-jacket and eBook editions.
  • You maintain all of your rights with our nonexclusive contract. You can take your book to another publisher at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.
  • 24/7 online Author Center.
  • 100% royalty paid directly to you every quarter and monthly online book sales tracking service.
  • Professional, Christian staff who cares about you and your book.
  • Owned by Salem Media Group, the largest Christian media outlet in the world.