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Author Press Releases

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June 2010 Author Press Releases

Jun 29 New Adventure Novel Tells Story of Military Intrigue
Jun 27 Author Issues Call for Retorn Within Church's Ranks in New Title
Jun 27 Novel Chronicles the Trials of a Faithful Pioneer Family
Jun 27 Title Transforms Attitudes Toward Families with Special Needs Children
Jun 27 Author's Book Issues Urgent Call to Take America Back
Jun 27 Title Addresses Prolonged Celibacy Among Older Men and Women
Jun 27 New Book Promises an Eye-Opening Depiction of God's Character
Jun 25 Share Author's Exciting Spiritual Journey in New Xulon Book
Jun 25 Gain Foundational Knowledge of What Bible Is About in New Book
Jun 25 Author Guides Readers to Jesus in New Xulon Press Title
Jun 25 Title Teaches How to Have a More Positive Outlook on Self and Life
Jun 24 Learn How to Practice Good Health Habits with New Xulon Book
Jun 22 Title Shows How Christian Truth Provides Answers to Social Issues
Jun 22 Learn to Love a Layoff in Author's New Xulon Press Title
Jun 22 Title Says to Trust God and Rely on Him in Times of Need
Jun 17 Author's Title Tells of a Powerful Testimony of God's Presence in Her Life
Jun 15 Unearth the Spiritual Destiny of the World in New Xulon Title
Jun 15 Holy Spirit-Inspired Book Spreads the Gospel of Salvation to Readers
Jun 08 Doomsday to Begin on May 21, 2011, New Title Alleges
Jun 03 Discover Worth and Purpose from God's Heart in New Xulon Title
Jun 01 Title Transports Americans to a Time Where the Sky Is Literally Falling
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