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Author Press Releases

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July 2010 Author Press Releases

Jul 30 Author Pens Enjoyable and Practical Guide to Born Again Evangelicals
Jul 30 Learn How to Live a Sin-Free Life with the Help of New Book
Jul 30 Title Teaches How to Navigate Divorce Process Much More Easily
Jul 30 Never-Before-Told Story Reveals the Eternal Rewards of True Piety
Jul 30 Fictional Story Points to the Marvelous Love and Healing Grace of God
Jul 30 Riveting New Fantasy Novel Tells a Tale of Two Brothers
Jul 30 Learn How to Accept the Grace That God Offers in New Title
Jul 30 Book Details Scientific and Geological Evidence of God's Creation
Jul 30 Fly Fishing Adventure Story Recounts Author's Special Summer
Jul 30 New Title Teaches How to Understand the Bible Spiritually
Jul 29 Break Free from Generational Curses with the Help of New Book
Jul 29 Title Seeks to Prove God Is Not the Creator of the Tree of Knowledge
Jul 29 Author's New Title Destroys Myths About Extra-Residential Fathers
Jul 29 Touching Title Tells of Victims Who Triumphed in the Face of Adversity
Jul 29 It's Never too Late to Reach out to God with a Sincere Heart, Title Posits
Jul 28 Title Seeks to Prove God Is Not the Creator of the Tree of Knowledge
Jul 23 Walk with Author Through Serendipitous Encounters with God in Time
Jul 23 Culturally Rich Book Provides Legacy for Future Generations to Enjoy
Jul 23 Find Strength, Comfort, and Healing for Damaged Emotions in New Title
Jul 23 Devotional Book Spotlights the Presence of God in Author's Life
Jul 23 Catastrophe Strike Two Civilizations in New Work of Fiction
Jul 23 Gain a Good Understanding of God's Plan for Man in New Title
Jul 20 Title Encourages and Empowers Readers to Find Hope from Within
Jul 20 Title Presents Unique Way to Focus Readers on Meaning of Scripture
Jul 16 Author's Journal Tells How She Broke Free from Domestic Abuse
Jul 16 Teenager Searches for Truth About Life and the Universe in Novel
Jul 16 Learn How to Create a Solid Financial Foundation in New Book
Jul 16 Title Offers Glimpse of America's Predator and Parasite Class
Jul 16 Take a Journey to Know God in a Personal Way in New Title
Jul 16 Learn to Trust God in Difficult Seasons with New Xulon Book
Jul 16 Author Pens Powerful Resource to Help Christians Grow in God's Love
Jul 16 Xulon Author Recounts Divine Visitation in Charming Testimony
Jul 16 Author Publishes Testimony of God's Supernatural Powers
Jul 16 Biography Chronicles a Lifetime Lived Under Jesus' Protection
Jul 15 Find Practical Help in Caring for Terminally Ill Loved Ones in New Title
Jul 09 Gain a Greater Understanding of Christ Jesus in New Xulon Title
Jul 09 Author's Instructional Tool Will Firm up Believer's Heart and Mind
Jul 09 Unravel a Puzzling Mystery at a Christian School in New Title
Jul 09 Embark on a Fun and Enjoyable Escaple in New Adventure Story
Jul 09 Learn to Clear Ritualistic Roadblocks from Spiritual Path in New Title
Jul 09 Author Compares Topics Contained in The Secret with Scripture
Jul 01 Prayerfully Study the Names of God in New Xulon Book
Jul 01 New Xulon Title Extends Invitation to One and All
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