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Author Press Releases

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August 2010 Author Press Releases

Aug 30 Embark on a Fantastic Journey Within the Pages of New Novel
Aug 26 New Title Unveils Crisis Affecting Christian Church Worldwide
Aug 25 New Book Reveals Sexually Promiscuous Life Led by Many Christians
Aug 25 New Book Moves Readers from Frustration to Abundant Life in Christ
Aug 25 New Xulon Title Illuminates the Revelation of Jesus Christ
Aug 25 Author Urges Catholics to Move Away from Religion and Toward God
Aug 25 Title Recounts Times When God Reached Down and Touched Author
Aug 25 New Xulon Devotional Examines the Identity of Jesus Christ
Aug 25 New Autobiography ministers to Those Who Have Known Abuse
Aug 25 New Title Decries Trend of Prioritizing Physicality Over Spirituality
Aug 25 New Book Teaches Readers How to Become Their Best Self
Aug 25 New Book Provides Great Tool for Recording and Organizing Notes
Aug 20 New Book Ministers to People in Search of Their Life's Calling
Aug 20 New Xulon Novel Details a Race to Save Earth from Destruction
Aug 20 Epic Love Story Unfolds Within the Pages of New Xulon Novel
Aug 19 Children's Title Prompts Readers to Think and Dream Beyond the Norm
Aug 19 Author Chronicles Husband's Struggle with Lewy Body Dementia
Aug 19 New Title Encourages Readers to Start Serving God with Diligence
Aug 19 Learn About the Origin and Preservation of the Bible in New Title
Aug 19 Book of Plays and Poems Reveals the Message of Christ
Aug 19 Title Issues Call to America for a Great Awakening
Aug 19 Find Encouragement Through the Storms of Life in New Title
Aug 19 New Title a Chilling Account of Freedom from Demonic Possession
Aug 19 New Book Brings Knowledge of the Holy Spirit to a Practical Level
Aug 10 Book Offers Systematic Approach to Understanding of Evil
Aug 10 Author Traces Quest to Discover Identity of Birth Father in New Book
Aug 10 Author Reaches out to Lost Humanity in the Pages of New Book
Aug 10 Author Tells Heartfelt Story of Grandparents' Generosity in New Title
Aug 10 American School System Is in Crisis, New Xulon Book Alleges
Aug 09 Prepare to Laugh with New Anthology Full of Faith-Based Humor
Aug 06 Begin Walking in Christ with the Help of New Xulon Press Book
Aug 06 New Xulon Title Issues Timely Message That God Is Still in Control
Aug 06 Title Shows How to Teach Children Scripture in an Easy Way
Aug 06 New Book Gives Glimpse into the Life of a Christian Military Man
Aug 06 Author's Daily Devotional Will Encourage and Strengthen Christians
Aug 06 New Book Promises an Eye-Opening Depiction of God's Character
Aug 06 Author's Daily Devotional Will Encourage and Strengthen Christians
Aug 02 Inspirational Collection of Writings Features Words from God
Aug 02 Faith-Strengthening Book Documents Family's Mission in New Guinea
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