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Author Press Releases

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September 2010 Author Press Releases

Sep 30 New Book Details the Trials and Tribulations Author Endured
Sep 30 New Book Reveals Vital Key Steps of a Christian's Wilderness Walk
Sep 30 Uncover Answers About Exodus 20 in New Xulon Press Title
Sep 24 New Title Reveals Distilled Wisdom of the Ages That Lead to Eternity
Sep 24 Gripping New Xulon Autobiography Will Hold Readers Spellbound
Sep 24 Learn How to Diminish Risk of Crises During Short-Term Mission Trips
Sep 24 New Xulon Title Invites Amazement at All the Bible Has to Offer
Sep 17 New Book Teaches Readers the Disabling Side Effects of Fear
Sep 17 New Book Teaches Readers the Disabling Side Effects of Fear
Sep 17 New Book of Humor Is a Treasure Chest of Seniors' Wit and Wisdom
Sep 17 Gain a Better Understanding of the Christian Life in New Title
Sep 17 Author Weaves Story of a Lifelong Relationship With God in New Title
Sep 10 New Book Teaches How to Overcome Life's Systemic Deterrents
Sep 10 Yielding to God Brings Glorious Freedom, New Book Says
Sep 10 New Title Reveals Fresh Interpretations of New Testament Parables
Sep 10 New Novel Will Enlighten Weary Hearts and Benefit Humanity
Sep 10 Title Tells Story of Author's Fall from the Pinnacle to the Abyss
Sep 10 African-American Author, Dr. Marcia Smart, Reveals Innovative Leadership
Sep 10 Title Teaches How to Tap into Potentials to Affect the World
Sep 10 New Novel Tells the Tale of a Courageous Canine's Heroic Acts
Sep 10 Inspiring New Book Teaches How to Turn Tragedies into Triumphs
Sep 10 New Title Clears up Misconceptions About Biblical Wedding Traditions
Sep 10 New Novel Reveals the Potential Anguish of Bipolar Disorder
Sep 01 New Book Encourages Readers to Leave Behind “Hippie-Dumb”
Sep 01 New Book Contains Compilation of Beliefs from Biblical Scholars
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