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Author Press Releases

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November 2010 Author Press Releases

Nov 30 Informative and Inspiring Poetry Collection Appeals to the Intellect
Nov 30 New Book Succeeds in Providing the Truth of the Gospel
Nov 30 New Title Offers Intimate Look at the Life of Dr. Lee Roberson
Nov 30 New Title Reveals Christian Perspective of Sexual Assault and PTSD
Nov 30 Inspiring New Devotional Book Will Put a Smile on Readers' Faces
Nov 30 Author Shares Powerful Real-Life Testimony in New Xulon Title
Nov 30 New Manual Is Designed to Equip Readers with Keys from Heaven
Nov 30 Riveting True Story Exposes the Spirit of Deception and Witchcraft
Nov 30 New Book Shows How to Break Down Biases and Find the Truth
Nov 24 New Cookbook Teaches Readers How to Safeguard Physical Health
Nov 24 New Title Helps the Reader Focus on Jesus and His Word
Nov 19 New Title Empowers Readers to Banish Negative Spiritual Forces
Nov 19 New Xulon Title Teaches Readers How to Get Answers to Prayer
Nov 19 New Xulon Title Chronicles Harrowing Journey of an Afghan Man
Nov 19 New Title Unveils the Reality of How the Spirit of Fear Works
Nov 19 Eye-Opening New Book Unveils the Big Picture of Biblical Prophecy
Nov 19 New Title Prompts Readers to Question the Role of God in Their Lives
Nov 19 The Death of a Church Is a Biblical Pathway to Life, New Title Alleges
Nov 19 New Title Sets Women Free to Be All God Created Them to Be
Nov 19 New Book of Rhymes and Axioms Will Point People to Christ Jesus
Nov 12 New Title Lifts up the Word of God as the Answer to Society's Ills
Nov 12 New Devotional Title Delivers Messages Supplied by 45 Men of God
Nov 12 New Title Hopes to Restore Spiritual Blessing over the White House
Nov 05 New Xulon Title Calls for Change at a Crucial Time in History
Nov 05 New Xulon Book Sets Prodigals Free to Serve God with New Hope
Nov 05 New Xulon Title Exhorts Readers to Lean on God for Guidance
Nov 01 New Title Teaches Readers How to Scale the Wall of Brokenness
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