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Author Press Releases

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February 2012 Author Press Releases

Feb 29 Author Shares Childhood Memories of Great Depression in New Title
Feb 29 Get on the Road to Success With Help From New Xulon Title
Feb 29 New Title Promotes Revitalization of Personal and Societal Integrity
Feb 29 New Title Shows Modern Science Follows Biblical Plotline
Feb 29 New Xulon Book is a Tale of Adventure with a Biblical Message
Feb 29 New Xulon Title Brings Light into a World of Darkness
Feb 29 New Xulon Book Utilizes the Truth to Set Every Reader Free
Feb 29 New Xulon Title Chronicles the Author's Personal Victories
Feb 29 New Xulon Book Challenges Every Reader's Faith
Feb 29 New Xulon Title Inspires Women to Rise Up and Seek Identity
Feb 28 New Book Helps Bridge the Gap Between Judaism and Christianity
Feb 28 God Has the Best Plans for Every Individual is New Book's Message
Feb 28 Velvet's Story Continues in the Second Book of the Velvet Series
Feb 24 New Book Reveals God's Unique Strategy to Shape His Children
Feb 23 New Book Exposes Massive Corruption in the Justice System
Feb 22 New Xulon Children's Book Simplifies Biblical Principles
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Adds a Biblical Spin on Leadership Training
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Highlights Freedom in God
Feb 22 New Xulon Title Inspires Reflection of the Past to Move Forward
Feb 22 New Title Shows the Affects Parents' Lives Have on Children
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Challenges Readers to Become Bulletproof
Feb 22 New Xulon Title Encourages Readers to Fulfill Their Potential
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Takes a Journey into the Past
Feb 22 New Xulon Title is a Collection of Synopses for God's Treasures
Feb 22 New Xulon Title Digs Deeper Than Archeologists for Truth
Feb 22 New Xulon Title Exposes the Controversy of Biblical Translation
Feb 22 New Xulon Novel Revolves Around Twelve Students, Reunited
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Presents God's True Love as Encouragement
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Challenges Catholics to Reconsider Doctrine
Feb 22 New Xulon Title Helps Form Great Habits at an Early Age
Feb 16 New Title Helps Readers Brush The Dust Off Their Lives
Feb 14 New Title Reveals Some of the Most Hidden Biblical Mysteries
Feb 13 New Book Provides Key Principles for Town Revitalization
Feb 13 Overcome Pain and Life's Hindrances with New Xulon Title
Feb 10 New Xulon Title Will Encourage and Inspire
Feb 10 New Book Urges Readers to See God's Hand in Every Situation
Feb 10 Overcome Unassailable Odds with Help of New Xulon Title
Feb 08 See God in Secular Movies with New Book's Help
Feb 08 New Book Tells of a Man Once Hardened, but Forever Changed
Feb 08 New Book Provides Key Principles for Successful Leadership
Feb 07 New Title Introduces A Movement of Bold and Fierce Women
Feb 03 Revelations Is Confusing, but New Xulon Title Simplifies the Message
Feb 02 New Title Will Inspire Families to Uncover Their Own History
Feb 02 New Title Addresses Life, Death and Eternal Consequences
Feb 02 Readers Will Uncover Their Unique Purpose in Fox’s New Book
Feb 02 New Song Book Brings People to God Through the Use of Poetry and Song
Feb 02 Discover the Deity of Christ in New Xulon Title
Feb 02 Take A Personal Journey with the Author in New Xulon Title
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