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Author Press Releases

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February 2014 Author Press Releases

Feb 28 New Xulon Title: Vital, Comprehensive Guide on Major Belief Systems
Feb 28 New Xulon Title Spurs Men of All Ages to Make a Choice
Feb 28 New Xulon Book Guides Readers to God in All Circumstances
Feb 28 New Xulon Title--The Tools to Maximize Your Spiritual Lifestyle
Feb 28 New Xulon Book Celebrates God's Triumphs Despite Tragedy
Feb 28 Steps to a Tax-Free Retirement Fund within New Xulon Title
Feb 28 New Xulon Title is Handy Guide to All Things Real Estate
Feb 28 Announcing: Powerful Xulon Fiction Entertains Readers With Vivid Detail in One-of-a-Kind, Historical Novel
Feb 27 New Xulon Book: Explicit Details of Author's Journey Past Abuse
Feb 27 New Xulon Title Reveals God's Best for Each Reader's Life
Feb 27 New Xulon Title: How Your Attitude Can Hinder God's Blessings
Feb 27 New Xulon Title Communicates a Need for Change with Urgency
Feb 27 New Xulon Book Exemplifies Utilizing the Word of God Practically
Feb 26 New Xulon Title Presents Joshua Cain's Adventure-filled, Teen Life
Feb 26 New Xulon Book Highlights the Presence and Power of God
Feb 21 New Xulon Title--Comprehensive Guide on Overall Intimacy with God
Feb 18 New Xulon Title Offers Powerful Imagery on Heaven, Hope in this Life
Feb 14 Sin is Analyzed from All Angles in New Xulon Book
Feb 13 New Xulon Book Uncovers Many Benefits to the Holy Communion
Feb 12 New Xulon Book--Why Warfare Isn't God's Way to Resolution
Feb 12 New Xulon Title Engages Readers with Cinematic Storytelling
Feb 11 New Xulon Study Book Shares the Basics of the Bible Clearly
Feb 11 New Xulon Title Examines Christmas in an Easy-to-Understand Way
Feb 11 New Xulon Title--An Enthralling Tale of Adventure and Survival
Feb 10 New Xulon Title Sets the Record Straight about Women in Ministry
Feb 10 New Xulon Book: What You Do in This Life Affects Your Afterlife
Feb 07 Next Xulon Book--Knowledge to Move into Your Divine Purpose
Feb 04 New Xulon Mystery Novel Pairs Suspense and Wholesome Theme
Feb 04 New Xulon Book--Seeking God is the Beginning of a Prosperous Life
Feb 04 Vibrant Color Book from Xulon Appeals to Children and Parents Alike
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