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Author Press Releases

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January 2014 Author Press Releases

Jan 31 New Xulon Book Calls Attention to God's Often Unnoticed Voice
Jan 31 New Xulon Title Resonates the Instruction of Christ for the End Times
Jan 31 New Xulon Title Will Renew an Abandoned Zeal in Christians Today
Jan 31 New Xulon Book Shares the Key to Understanding the Infinite God
Jan 31 New Xulon Title Evokes the Adventure-Seeker in Readers
Jan 31 New Xulon Book Brings Complete Healing to the Lives of Many
Jan 31 New Xulon Title: God Speaks, Hears and Acts Constantly
Jan 30 New Xulon Book Extends Comfort to Those Suffering a Sudden Loss
Jan 30 New Xulon Title is a Practical Devotional that Incites Action
Jan 30 New Xulon Book: True Story of How God Makes All Things Possible
Jan 30 New Xulon Title Presents the Gospel with a Fresh Perspective
Jan 30 New Xulon Book: True Account Reveals the Wonderful Nature of God
Jan 30 New Xulon Title: Realizing God's View of You and Receiving His Love
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Brings Discipleship to the Next Level
Jan 29 New Xulon Title Provides In-Depth Insight on the Biblical Gospel
Jan 29 New Xulon Title: Reality Check About Equipping the Next Generation
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Presents God's Unconditional Love to the Hurting
Jan 29 New Xulon Book: Total Success Within Your Household Today
Jan 29 New Xulon Title Fights for the Future of the Church Body
Jan 28 New Xulon Title Portrays a Changed Life--a Murderer Redeemed
Jan 28 New Xulon Book Recounts Dozens of Trials Overcome with God
Jan 28 New Xulon Press Title: Fun for Mystery and Pet Lovers Alike
Jan 27 New Xulon Book Emphasizes Revolutionary Truths Within Findings
Jan 23 New Xulon Book Pairs Golf and God: A Light-Hearted Guide
Jan 23 New Xulon Title--Humble Beginnings to a Lifetime of Service to God
Jan 23 New Xulon Title: Prophetic Instruction for God's Kingdom, Today
Jan 22 New Xulon Book Warns Readers of Ever-Present False Prophets
Jan 22 New Xulon Title: Intense Picture of America's Possible, Near Future
Jan 22 New Xulon Book is Designed for a Yearlong, Epistle-Based Study
Jan 22 Unlock Old Dreams and New Dimensions within New Xulon Title
Jan 21 New Xulon Title Describes Life Walking Side-by-Side with God
Jan 21 New Xulon Book--Inspiring Read that Points to the Ever-Present God
Jan 21 New Xulon Title Delivers Striking Story of Faith, Hope in the Storm
Jan 21 New Xulon Book Activates the True Potential in Individuals
Jan 21 New Xulon Title: Pertinent Bible Verses with Power to Bring Change
Jan 20 New Xulon Book Exposes Satan, Aligns Readers with God's Will
Jan 20 New Xulon Title Provides Balanced Study on the 'Why' Behind Beliefs
Jan 20 New Xulon Title Prepares a Generation to Receive the Best of God
Jan 20 New Xulon Book: Life-Changing Tips for College-Aged Women
Jan 17 New Xulon Book Revives Bible Text, Sheds Light on Redemption Plan
Jan 16 New Xulon Title Exposes Today's Dangerous Church Condition
Jan 16 New Xulon Book Provides a Prophetic Glimpse into God's Plan
Jan 14 New Xulon Title Invites Readers into Daily Fellowship with God
Jan 13 New Xulon Book Casts Vision of a Promising Future for All Men
Jan 13 New Xulon Title Supplies a Refreshing Perspective on Life
Jan 09 New Xulon Boo--A Dying Man Shares His Touching Story
Jan 08 New Xulon Title Boldly Proclaims God's Call to Holy Living
Jan 08 New Xulon Title Combats Youth Issues by Providing True Solution
Jan 08 New Xulon Book Reveals Key Mindsets for Spiritual Victory
Jan 07 New Xulon Title Recounts Survival from the Anguish of a Broken Life
Jan 06 New Xulon Book: Intriguing Story Plot with Profitable Message
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