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Author Press Releases

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June 2015 Author Press Releases

Jun 30 Xulon Press Releases Fiction Narrative by Michael Zuren
Jun 30 Xulon Title Visually Displays Stories from Genesis
Jun 30 Xulon Book is a Year-long Plan to Enhance Spiritual Growth
Jun 30 New Release from Xulon Press on How to Nail a Job Interview
Jun 30 Xulon Press Releases Astonishing Tale by Ce-Ce Nevins
Jun 30 Xulon Title Encourages Freedom from Sin Through Jesus
Jun 30 Xulon Title is Ideal for Today's Dad in a World of Hectic Schedules
Jun 30 Xulon Releases Masterful Page-Turning Chapter Book for Kids
Jun 30 Xulon Autobiography, Set in the '40s-'50s, Inspires its Readers
Jun 30 Xulon Title Finds Humor In Everyday Life
Jun 30 Xulon Releases Miraculous Cancer-Survivor’s Tale of Restoration
Jun 30 Xulon Novel Spotlights a Hero through a Futuristic War of Faith
Jun 30 Xulon Title Exposes Biblical Truth of Earth's Last Days
Jun 30 Xulon Title Calls for Christians To Come Back to Jesus
Jun 30 Xulon Guide Shares What Could Be Hindering Your Blessings
Jun 30 Xulon Guidebook Answers Common Questions about Prayer
Jun 30 Xulon Title Pushes For More Prayer For Gangs
Jun 30 Xulon Title Recounts a Transformative Journey to God's Best
Jun 30 Xulon Title Recognizes Grandfathers and Their Tall Tales
Jun 30 Xulon Book Reveals How Special Women Are to the World
Jun 30 Xulon Book Calls for a Ready Church as the End Days Draw Closer
Jun 30 Xulon Book Teaches Readers Peace of Mind
Jun 30 Xulon Drama Novel Journeys from 'Dead End' to Eternal Salvation
Jun 30 Xulon Title Blends Children's Story With Guidance
Jun 30 Xulon Guide is a Vital Reference Tool that Educates about Haiti
Jun 30 Xulon Book Advocates a Relationship with God over Religion
Jun 30 Xulon Releases New Fiction Novel Exposing a Southern Church
Jun 30 Xulon Memoir Guides Readers to Embrace True 'Life Makeovers'
Jun 29 Gay or Not? Xulon Book Follows One Man's Journey to Freedom
Jun 29 Xulon Title Attempts to Reverse a Culture of Abuse in Society
Jun 29 Xulon Guide Covers the Gospels' Most Intimate Teachings
Jun 26 Xulon Title Uplifts Those Whose Calling is to Serve and Protect
Jun 26 Xulon Guide Offers the Proven Keys of Real Worship and Intimacy
Jun 19 New Xulon Title Shares One Man's Breathtaking Autobiography
Jun 18 'Roses' Raises Awareness about Fostering/Adopting in Xulon Title
Jun 18 Xulon Title Presents the Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil
Jun 18 Xulon Book Looks at Prophecies Regarding the Messiah's Birth
Jun 16 A Pastor Shares Biblical Insight to Evoke Readers to Action
Jun 16 Xulon Title Looks at Depression, and Helps Grieving Individuals
Jun 15 True Story in Xulon Book Places an Emphasis on Compassion
Jun 15 Xulon Guide Provides Commentary on the Earth's First Week
Jun 11 Xulon Book Exchanges Parents' Lecturing for Purposeful Teaching
Jun 11 Xulon Series is Fun, and Shows Kids the Value of Reading
Jun 11 Xulon Poetry Book Makes Gratitude Contagious through its Pages
Jun 11 Xulon Title Provides Many Biblical Lessons for Life Application
Jun 10 Xulon Title Visits the Biblical Site of Paradise for All to Experience
Jun 09 Xulon Book's Messages Provide an Inner Connection to Father God
Jun 08 Xulon Author Pens a Series of Essays for the Struggling Christian
Jun 08 Xulon Guide Sparks Needed Revival with its Practical Instruction
Jun 08 Xulon Book Answers Revelation's Most Difficult Questions and More
Jun 03 Masterfully Written Xulon Novel is Fit for Adults and Youths Alike
Jun 03 Xulon Book Examines the Kingdom of Heaven Through Jesus' Eyes
Jun 01 Xulon Book Reveals a Rich History of Homesteaders, Plus More
Jun 01 Xulon Devotional Provides Inspiring Passages for Trying Times
Jun 01 Xulon Book's Message Brings Clarity to Spiritual Principles
Jun 01 Xulon Title Explores the Amazing Spiritual Significance of Marriage
Jun 01 Xulon Title Provides Doses of Scripture for Every Day Use
Jun 01 Xulon Title Demonstrates an Impressive Understanding of the Bible
Jun 01 Xulon Book Compiles Memoirs of a Tested Man with Great Faith
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