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Author Press Releases

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July 2015 Author Press Releases

Jul 31 Xulon Poetry Book Shows Life Through God's Perspective
Jul 31 New Xulon Book Takes Readers On Powerful Journey Of Faith
Jul 30 New Xulon Title Takes A Mathematical Look At The Bible
Jul 30 Xulon Title Shares Father's Wisdom Presented In Unique Style
Jul 30 Xulon Title Provides Amazing Testimonies Of Street Ministry
Jul 30 Xulon Release Proclaims The Power Of God's Unfailing Love
Jul 30 Xulon Title Teaches Young Adult Readers To Trust In God
Jul 30 Xulon Release Recognizes That God Answers Prays Every Day
Jul 29 New Xulon Title Tells Readers To Never Give Up On Jesus
Jul 29 Encouraging Xulon Title Helps Readers Face Life Challenges
Jul 29 Xulon Book Will Inspire Growth Among Fathers And Husbands
Jul 29 Xulon Book Exposes America's Drift From The Word Of God
Jul 29 Xulon Title Examines The “Democracy In Church” Debate
Jul 29 New Xulon Release Features Thoughtful Scripture-Based Poetry
Jul 29 Inspiring New Xulon Title Helps Young Readers Through Grief
Jul 29 Xulon Title Tells Personal Story Of Recovery Through His Grace
Jul 29 New Xulon Release Offers Refreshing Approach To Christianity
Jul 29 Xulon Book Of Stories Provides Valuable Life Lessons For All
Jul 29 Xulon Title Encourages Christians To Be Disciples Of Christ
Jul 29 Inspiring Xulon Book Encourages Christians To Not Fear Death
Jul 29 Xulon's Fictional Title Captures Importance of Spiritual World
Jul 29 Xulon Title Empowers Females To Understand Their Worth
Jul 29 Xulon Title Teaches About Life Filled With Love, Joy And Peace
Jul 29 Xulon Title Provides Keys To Successful Leadership Change
Jul 29 Xulon Title Benefits Homeless Shelter Through the Gift of Words
Jul 29 Minister Calls for American Repentance in New Xulon Title
Jul 29 New Xulon Title: God's Strength Through Life's Harshest Times
Jul 29 Xulon Title Provides Direction to Guide Youth Toward Success
Jul 29 Fifty-One Years of Marriage Inspires Advice in New Xulon Book
Jul 29 Xulon Title Shows How God Repairs Broken Lives
Jul 29 New Xulon Title Helps Teens Discover Life Through Nature
Jul 29 Compelling Xulon Historical Novel Supports Veterans
Jul 29 Xulon Children's Title Teaches Faith Through Exciting Story
Jul 29 Xulon Title Leads Broken Lives Toward God's Strength
Jul 29 Xulon Memoir: Guidance from God Overcomes Doubt
Jul 29 Xulon Title Proclaims Need for Next Great Awakening
Jul 29 A Fresh Take On Biblical Wisdom In New Xulon Title
Jul 06 Xulon Memoir: God's Faithfulness through History's Hardest Times
Jul 06 Xulon Title will Spur Spiritual Growth Among Female Believers
Jul 06 Xulon Novel Highlights Spiritual Awareness of Both Good and Evil
Jul 06 A Story of Romance, Heartache, then Healing is Told in Xulon Book
Jul 06 Xulon Title Leads Kids to Enjoyable Adventures, Grows their Faith
Jul 06 Xulon Children's Title Models Praise and Prayer by a Young Girl
Jul 06 Xulon Book Teaches through a Collection of Poetry and Articles
Jul 02 Xulon Title Exemplifies God's Power to Transform Broken People
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