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February 2021 Author Press Releases

Feb 24 Imagine What a Difference a United Christian Body Could Make in Our World
Feb 23 The Concept of Jesus as the Good Shepherd Takes on a Whole New Meaning
Feb 23 Well-Deserved Recognition for the Lives and Strength of Influential Women
Feb 23 Countless Individuals Battle Depression, But There Is Hope
Feb 23 There Are Good and Bad People in Every Group on Earth – Be One of the Good
Feb 23 Studying Bible Prophecy Doesn't Have to Be Dry or Boring!
Feb 17 If Our Nation Continues to Reject Biblical Values, What Will Happen to Our Society?
Feb 17 Bring Your Loved Ones Together Around a Table of Delicious Family Recipes
Feb 17 Many Misconceptions Exist Between Followers of Islam and Christianity. Let's Talk.
Feb 17 Enjoy the Escape to a Simpler Life and Be Inspired to Invest in Your Family
Feb 17 Pastors, Don't Let Your Congregation Force You to Neglect Your Family
Feb 09 Allow Poetry Born Out of Mourning to Put Words to the Feelings You Can't Convey
Feb 09 You Come Home Without A Baby – How Do You Tell the Kids?
Feb 09 World War I Inspires A Thrilling Addition to the Story of Charles Schultz
Feb 09 When It Feels Like Your Prayers Stop At The Ceiling, Hold On To God's Promises!
Feb 09 Biblical Wisdom Endures Through The Ages And Can Still Guide Followers Into And Through Lasting Relationships
Feb 09 God Is Still In Control, Even When We Feel We've Messed Everything Up
Feb 09 If You Believe God Can Do The Impossible, There Are Brighter Times Ahead
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