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January 2021 Author Press Releases

Jan 29 Wealth Can Mean A Multitude of Things, And This Man's Wealth Is Measured in the Lives He Changed
Jan 29 Take Control of Your Life by Applying the Principles of Stewardship
Jan 28 What if You Are the One Person Who Makes a Lifelong Difference?
Jan 28 Life is a Delicate Balance of Happiness and Pain, Love and Trauma
Jan 27 No One Knows You Like Your Kids, So Fill Their Ears With Life-Changing Scripture
Jan 27 Spoken Over 2,000 Years Ago, Jesus's Words Can Still Change Lives Today
Jan 27 How Would Your Life Change If You Truly Rested in the Work Christ Has Already Done?
Jan 27 A Spanish Devotional for Those Who Seek the Kingdom of Heaven
Jan 26 Watch As A Powerful Man Learns that Vengeance Doesn't Pay
Jan 26 New Children's Book Gently Demonstrates the Themes of Death and Dying
Jan 26 Daily Devotions Provide An Opportunity for Spiritual for Spiritual Growth Each Day
Jan 26 Grow Closer to God (And Others) and Engage Life in a Meaningful Way.
Jan 26 New Non-Fiction Parenting Book Will be Beneficial for Parents and Guardians of Young Kids.
Jan 26 Different Situations but the Same Word of God: Wisdom from the Bible
Jan 26 New Sequel to the Children's Book The Song of Solomon the Snail Is Available Now.
Jan 26 New Devotional On Healing and Prayer Available to A General Audience and All Ages.
Jan 20 After Embarking On This Journey, Max Will Never Be The Same
Jan 20 No Matter How Low You've Fallen, God Has A Plan For Your Life
Jan 20 The Lies You Believe Are The Circumstances Holding You Back
Jan 20 No Believer Need Ever Be Blindsided By A Crisis; The Word Is Our Guide
Jan 20 If Conventional Wisdom Has Steered You Down the Wrong Romantic Path, It's Time to Try Another Strategy
Jan 20 Even Though God Can Number the Stars, He Hasn't Forgotten Your Pain
Jan 20 Marriage God's Way Benefits Individuals and Society As A Whole
Jan 20 Hear The Story Of A Woman Who Turned Fighting Like A Girl Into A Compliment
Jan 14 Take Control Of Your Circumstances By Changing How You Speak About Them
Jan 14 After A Devastating Medical Diagnosis, One Woman Chose To Lean On The Only One Who Could Give Lasting Hope
Jan 07 There is Life Beyond Your Tragedy, And Hands To Hold Yours Along The Way
Jan 07 Lacking Wisdom? It Is Available For Those Who Know Where To Look
Jan 07 Burnout Is Real, Especially Among Faithful Servants, But It Need Not Be Permanent
Jan 07 No Matter How Insignificant You Feel Or How Poorly You Listen, God Is Speaking To You
Jan 06 Have Faith in the Healing Power of the Word of God – He Healed Them All, Including You.
Jan 06 A True Relationship With Jesus Christ Need Not Have Anything To Do With Religion
Jan 06 God's Word Gives His Children Clues Of What Is To Come
Jan 06 Fashion Tells Its Own Stories, And Stories Reflect Seasons Of Our Lives
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