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December 2020 Author Press Releases

Dec 29 The Bad Guys Are Not Who You Expect, And Neither Is The Storyteller
Dec 23 How Would Your Life Change If You Were Looking Ahead To Eternity?
Dec 17 No Mistake Or Bad Choice You Have Made Can Negate God's Love For You
Dec 17 Xulon Memoir Will Help Readers Seek God's Purpose for Their Lives.
Dec 17 Getting Right With God: A Message for Readers of All Ages To Seek Him Now.
Dec 17 Non-Fiction Book Focuses On Ways We See and Gain Wisdom From God.
Dec 17 Non-Fiction Book Helps Readers Grow Spiritually, Personally, and Relationally.
Dec 16 True Love Is Possible With God In The Middle Of A Relationship
Dec 16 Re-Telling Offers a New Perspective on the Well-Known Biblical Characters of Elizabeth and John the Baptist
Dec 16 Believers Can Grow Through Celebrating God's Diverse Creation
Dec 16 Beloved Children's Author Begins New Series With a Story About Helping Our Friends
Dec 11 Let An Understanding Mentor Teach You to Forgive and Lay Down Your Burden
Dec 11 Her World Collapsed Around Her, But Her Savior Never Let Her Go
Dec 11 For Someone Suffering with Depression, Victory in Jesus and the Joy of the Lord May Feel Unattainable
Dec 11 Forty Days to Embracing Your Self Worth and Loving Yourself
Dec 11 God's Children Can Find Peace, And Pastor Monts Shows Them How
Dec 11 True Love Is Possible With God In The Middle Of A Relationship
Dec 11 We All Face Hardships, But We Can Avoid Hardened Hearts By Caring For Ourselves
Dec 11 30 Years of Spiritual Insight, Wisdom and Entertainment in a Single Volume
Dec 11 Readers Follow A Demon Slayer On An Apocalyptic Adventure
Dec 11 A Teaching On One Of The Most Famous Women In History Serves As Encouragement For Women Today
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