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March 2021 Author Press Releases

Mar 31 That Desire You Feel For More In Life Is Not Impossible to Satisfy – You Were Meant To Find It
Mar 26 A Modern Storyteller Brings a Priceless, Ancient Tale to Life
Mar 26 Satan May Be Our Adversary, But Jesus Triumphed in Victory Over Him
Mar 26 Far From Being Golden, Silence Is Tortuous Bondage For Many
Mar 26 A Selfless Man Loses a Friend and Gains a Wife and Child in the Process
Mar 25 Woman's Story of Strength Reiterates That God May Not Remove Your Trials, But He Will Face Them With You
Mar 25 It Is Time We Had Some New Nursery Rhymes, And One Author Has Just The Thing
Mar 25 Even When You're Dangling By A Thread, God Is Holding You
Mar 24 Public Relations Are Key To Small Businesses As Well As Large Ones, And Here's How To Do It
Mar 24 Sometimes You Take A Step Back to Re-Evaluate, And Sometimes God Makes You
Mar 24 How Do You Deal With Heartbreak and Tragedy When You Don't Know What's Coming?
Mar 24 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Only In TRUTH Can We Find Hope
Mar 22 Through Christ You Can Forgive, Heal and Let Love Back Into Your Life!
Mar 22 The God of Heaven Offers Healing From Fears, Failures and Shame
Mar 18 Some Life Changes Are Expected, Others Are Surprises, And Yet Others Are Miraculous!
Mar 18 If You Want to See the World Change for the Better, the Bible Tells You How to Help it Happen
Mar 18 A Book For Anyone Who Desires to Serve God, But Doesn't Know Where to Start
Mar 18 Let Us Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past And Structure Our Organizations In Alignment With God's Guidance
Mar 18 Children Learn About Obedience While Captivated By Story and Rhyme
Mar 18 The Pharisees Rejected Jesus As The Messiah Centuries Ago, But Times Are Changing
Mar 18 When It Feels Like You Don't Fit In, It May Mean That God Made You For A Special Purpose
Mar 18 There Are Multiple Ways to Enjoy Nature's Beauty, So Take This Book to the Garden With You
Mar 18 Is God Truly in Control Or is He Constantly Adapting, Trying to Fix What Isn't Working Out?
Mar 18 New Book Documents the Life of Jesus Christ As Seen Through New Eyes
Mar 17 Original Novel Shows What it Means to Be a Woman of God
Mar 17 Family Counselor and Pastor Combines Learning and Fun in New Children's Book
Mar 17 When It Seems Like Everything Around You Is Falling Apart, Look Up
Mar 17 Almost Everyone Wants to See Into The Future, But Few Are Truly Prepared For What They Might Find
Mar 17 We Cannot Always Control Our Circumstances, But We Can Control Our Reactions to Improve Our Lives
Mar 17 Learn What the Bible Teaches About the Future and the End Times
Mar 17 The Straightforward Teachings of the Bible Are Being Shamed All Around Us, But We Need Not Be Ashamed of Them
Mar 17 Jesus Longed To See God's Kingdom On Earth, So Let's See What It Should Look Like
Mar 16 If You Don't Like The Direction Your Life Is Headed, God Has A Better Route!
Mar 16 No One Knows For Sure, But The War Of Gog And Magog Could Look Something Like This
Mar 16 In Christ, There Is Healing For All Those Who Have Hurt And Been Hurt
Mar 16 Caring For A Child With Autism Can Be A Daunting Task, But Thankfully Others Have Cut The Trail
Mar 05 New Book Examines the Shroud of Turin and What It Means About the Purpose of Your Life
Mar 05 A Voice Long Silenced Now Speaks Out To Share Strength With Others
Mar 05 It's Easy to Feel Like God Has Abandoned You When Life Gets Hard, Until You See That He Left a Light On
Mar 05 If A Sparrow Can't Fall Without His Notice, Surely Miners Get His Attention, Too
Mar 05 People May Hurt You As Much As Love You, But There Is One Who Is Faithful
Mar 05 Don't Let Your Familiarity with God's Word Make You Complacent
Mar 05 Is There Hard Evidence to Support Christianity, Or Must Believers Put Their Faith in Fairytales?
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