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June 2021 Author Press Releases

Jun 29 In the Midst of the Pain Her Husband's Infidelity Caused Her, She Turned to the Lord for Comfort
Jun 29 God's Word Holds the Answers for True Healing from All Ailments
Jun 29 Given Up By Her Biological Mother and Her Grandparents, She Found Acceptance and Love in Christ
Jun 29 Every Couple Will Have Their Problems, Yes, But Marriage Shouldn't Be Full of Strife
Jun 29 Embark on a Journey to True Intimacy with the Lord of the Universe
Jun 22 In A World Rocked By Tragedy and Evil On Every Side, There Can Only Be One Answer
Jun 22 If You Long For Revival, Follow These Historic and Biblical Guidelines
Jun 22 People All Over The World Talk About Healing, But They Don't Usually Consider God's Role In It
Jun 22 If You Know Our Healthcare System Is Broken But Don't Know How To Fix It, Start Here
Jun 15 When You Describe Others As Deplorable, Do You Really Understand What That Means?
Jun 11 In The Battle of Life, God Doesn't Sound Retreat -- Only Advance!
Jun 11 What Do You Do With A Job You Can't Afford to Keep, But Can't Afford to Lose?
Jun 11 No Matter What You've Done, Jesus Can Breathe Hope Into Your Life
Jun 08 I Don't Care If It's Italian; Americans Love Their Pizza!
Jun 08 However Slow, True Love Was Sent And Finally Expressed
Jun 08 No Matter How Many Times You Read the Bible, There is Always More to Discover
Jun 08 What Do You Do When Every Dream You've Ever Had Is On The Line?
Jun 08 What You Do Will Be Influenced By Who (And Whose) You Believe You Are
Jun 08 Infertility and Child Loss Can Be Devastating, But God Will Hold You Through It All
Jun 08 God Did Not Abandon Her In Her Struggles, But Sent Angels to Intervene
Jun 04 What if You Didn't Have to Choose Between Being a Mother and Following Your Dreams?
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