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May 2021 Author Press Releases

May 29 What Damage Do We Cause When We Live Only To Satisfy Ourselves?
May 29 No Matter the Life You've Lived or the Choices You've Made, God Has a Plan for You
May 27 Parents' Influence On Their Children Outlives Them, Continuing To Encourage and Inspire
May 27 Let Complete Assurance and the Banishment of Doubt Transform Your Life
May 27 No Matter How Revolutionary We Think Our Ideas Are, Jesus Thought of It First
May 26 No Matter What Bad Choices You Have Made, Good Choices Can Start Changing Your Life Today
May 26 Xulon Short-Stories Will Inspire Personal and Spiritual Growth in Readers of All Ages.
May 26 To Find Success Through Prayer, Know and Love God.
May 26 This Inspirational Biography Encourages Readers to Trust God Fully.
May 26 This Nonfiction Book Will Help Readers Enter the Conversation About the Power of God.
May 26 Avoiding Troubled Years Is Possible By Sharing Life Experiences and Wisdom.
May 26 Draw Upon a Source of Superior Intelligence, Leading to Success.
May 24 Even After A Loved One Is Gone, Your Memories Can Become the Strength That Move You Forward
May 20 Hear About Near Death Experiences From Someone Who Has Witnessed Many
May 18 Global and Personal Tribulations Do Not Threaten God's Sovereignty
May 14 Readers Preparing For or New to Marriage Can Learn from Memoir.
May 14 Cultivating True Worth: Seeing Each Other Through God's Perspective
May 14 Come Closer, Let Me Look at How You've Grown!
May 14 Jesus Wants to Be and Can Be Our Best Friend.
May 12 Since We Believe in One God and Father of All, Why So Many Churches?
May 12 The Dissolution of a Marriage Takes a Harsh Toll, and God's Word Holds the Tools for Recovery
May 12 Lovelace Returns With A Thriller To Challenge Atheistic Beliefs
May 12 When There Is Only a Flicker of Light, Follow It Home
May 12 In A World Full Of Screens, Let's Not Forget To Enjoy One Another
May 12 Eighty Years Is Not Enough To Truly Grasp All Of God's Goodness, But It's A Start!
May 12 God Uses Miraculous Ways to Unite People and to Heal Them
May 12 Memorizing Bible Verses Is Good, But We Must Look Deeper To Let Them Change Our Lives
May 12 Sort Through the Controversy and Find the Blessings in the Book of Revelation
May 11 The Secret to Meaning and Your Life's Purpose Lies in Jesus!
May 05 God Not Only Sees Your Brokenness; He Is Ready To Use It
May 05 If You Think You're Too Far Gone For God To Reach You, Think Again!
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