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June 2022 Author Press Releases

Jun 30 In the Challenging Times of Today, Jesus is the Spiritual Bread That the World Needs Most
Jun 30 As the Saying Goes, a Picture is Worth a Thousand…Prayers?
Jun 27 What a Privilege, to be a Sweet-Smelling Savor to Our Lord!
Jun 27 You Can Thrive Both as a Professional and as an Individual
Jun 23 Adorable Juvenile Fiction Takes Young Readers on an Entertaining, Fun-Filled Journey
Jun 23 A Story of Faith, Love and Friendship Through the Eyes of an Irish Traveler
Jun 23 Critical Care Physician Shares 4 Decades of Experience to Provide Important Lessons to Healthcare Providers in the Subject of Combining Science with Spirituality
Jun 23 Acceptance and Love Come from the Most Unexpected of Places
Jun 20 Compelling True Story Demonstrates How to Face and Conquer Generational Curses By Tapping Into One's Divine Purpose
Jun 20 God Does Not Abandon You In Your Trials; He Walks With You
Jun 20 Document Your Journey and Receive Encouragement at the Same Time
Jun 20 When Doctors Can Do No More, The Great Physician Is Still Powerful
Jun 20 Start Here to Jump Start the Power of Prayer in Your Family
Jun 15 Discover How God's Amazing Love and Mercy Offers Everyone Hope When Needing a Second Chance
Jun 15 Informal Bible Reference is Like Having a Friend Explain God's Word
Jun 13 Take a Moment to Re-Investigate What You Have Accepted as Fact
Jun 13 When He Took to the Streets, He Never Imagined Looking At Them Through Bars
Jun 13 What Do Your Dreams, Visions and Encounters With the Lord Really Mean?
Jun 06 Refreshing Exploration of Psalm 139 That Will Be Appreciated By Even the Most Devout Christians
Jun 06 Believers Must Know How to Counter Bad Theology with Truth
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