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Author Press Releases

June 2007 Author Press Releases

Jun 29 Choosing Divine Reliance versus Self-Reliance
Jun 29 Immigration Attorney Addresses the Border Crisis
Jun 29 From Addiction to Freedom, One Man Takes a Leap of Faith
Jun 28 When God's Love Fills Your Heart, That's Agape
Jun 28 Trouncing Financial Giants With the Proverbial Slingshot
Jun 28 Facts of Life and Love Glorified in Poetic Anthology
Jun 22 On Road to Armageddon, Christianity's Foundations Are Shaken
Jun 22 Author Proclaims We Are Destined for the Divine
Jun 21 Seasons of Singleness Act as Peace-Finders in Life
Jun 21 Pastor's Words Strike a Cord with Poet's Heart
Jun 21 Truth Stranger Than Fiction in The Invitation
Jun 20 Mixing Business with Faith a Winning Combination
Jun 20 Author Recaptures Nation's 'Shining City on a Hill' Days
Jun 14 Say Goodbye to Endless Doctor Visits
Jun 08 Ins and Outs: The Fellowship of Child Rearing
Jun 08 'Blood Diamonds' Raging at the Center of Cosmic Conflict
Jun 08 Spiritually Sick World Waits for Healthy Church to Offer Cure
Jun 08 Unshakable Faith Drives Alzheimer's Patient to Full Recovery
Jun 07 What Makes a Christian a Christian?
Jun 07 Rescuing Teens from a Thug Lifestyle
Jun 01 First in a Trilogy Urges Readers to Regain Spiritual Identity