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Author Press Releases

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October 2008 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 Novel from Veteran Author Turns Female Stereotype on Its Head
Oct 31 Book Says There's More to Judas Iscariot Than Has Been Told
Oct 31 Pragmatism Is the Compass Steering Us in the Right Direction
Oct 31 New Xulon Book Tells of Unjustly Accused Author's Exoneration
Oct 27 Author Takes to the Pages of Novel to Address Issues of Abuse
Oct 27 Author Reaches Out to Readers with Daily Encouragement
Oct 27 New Title Restores Responsible Roles of Proper Male Coverings
Oct 27 As the End Approaches, Christian Must Obey God's Mandate
Oct 25 Xulon Release Offers Timely Analysis of the Words of Jesus
Oct 25 New Title Helps Women Maintain Sexual Purity in Secular World
Oct 25 WWII-Era Novel Pays Homage to Sacrifices Made for Freedom
Oct 25 Xulon Title Alleges Fear Is the Basis of Today's Global Conflicts
Oct 25 Author's Musings Leave Readers Yearning for a Better Solution
Oct 22 Loving Biography Penned to Keep Sister Alwinia's Memory Alive
Oct 22 Book Offers a Definitive Answer to the Enigma of Man's Creation
Oct 22 Author's Amazing Journey Flushes Out Doctrinal Confusion
Oct 22 New Xulon Title Speaks to Those Afflicted by Chaos and Crisis
Oct 22 New Release Serves Up a Solution to the Struggles of Prayer
Oct 22 New Book Challenges Readers to Step Up to the Plate
Oct 22 Looking for a Friendship Guidebook? New Title Fits the Bill
Oct 22 New Book Challenges Readers to Step Up to the Plate
Oct 22 Gain a Solid Spiritual Core in the Truth of Christ's Message
Oct 22 Take a Deeper Journey of Faith in The Beautiful God
Oct 21 Book Rejects Notion of Male-Dominated Ministries
Oct 10 Author's Proverb-Related Book Wards Against Evil Influence
Oct 10 Navigate the “Mondays” of Everyday Life in New Xulon Title
Oct 10 Learn How to Accept Forgiveness After Tragic Disappointments
Oct 10 New Title Teaches Why We Should Pray According to God's Will
Oct 10 New Pro-Life Novel Calls Church to Awaken to Abortion Issue
Oct 10 Book of Meditations Offers a Window into Xulon Author's Heart
Oct 07 Author Waxes Poetic on the Wonderful Presence of God
Oct 06 Xulon Releases New Title Revealing Secret to Spiritual Wisdom
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