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Author Press Releases

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September 2008 Author Press Releases

Sep 26 Author Pens Modern-Day Parable to Teach Kids About Salvation
Sep 26 New Xulon Title Examines Good and Evil in a Different Light
Sep 26 Novel Takes Action-Packed Look at Idea of God's Providence
Sep 26 Author Placed Trust in Jesus Through Tragedy and Triumph
Sep 26 Book Cooks Up Time-Tested Methods to Working Through Grief
Sep 26 Book Guides Readers Toward a Lifestyle of Constant Rewards
Sep 26 Book Recounts How Author Persevered Through Times of Trial
Sep 26 New Book Provokes Radical Counter-Cultural Shift in Thinking
Sep 26 Why Christians Need to Wait for God Before Saying “I Do”
Sep 26 Xulon Releases New Title Revealing Secret to Spiritual Wisdom
Sep 26 Unforeseen Event Dramatically Changed Xulon Author's Plans
Sep 25 Discover Author's Easy-to-Follow System to Attain Fulfillment
Sep 25 Xulon Author Challenges Belief That Purity Is Archaic in Book
Sep 25 Xulon Title Schools Readers About Toxicity of Procrastination
Sep 25 New Release from Xulon Press Author Spawns Great Awakening
Sep 25 New Xulon Title Faces Off Against Popular Liberal Thought
Sep 25 Author's Book Recounts How God Paved a Road to Freedom
Sep 24 Author's Book Shines Light on the Life-Changing Gift of Grace
Sep 24 In Preparation for Last Days, Authors Release New Publication
Sep 24 New Book Shares Exciting Revelations of God's Plan in Genesis
Sep 24 New Title Presents Compelling Evidence of Christianity's Claims
Sep 24 Book Alleges a Spiritual Battle Is Being Waged on American Soil
Sep 24 Xulon Title Debuts Startling Image of an America Under Assault
Sep 23 Author's Book Aims to Bring Country Back to Its Grassroots
Sep 23 Learn to Love Your Stepchildren the Right Way
Sep 23 Author Debuts Harrowing Tale of Faith in the Midst of Adversity
Sep 22 New Book Promises to Deliver Believer Out of Adversity
Sep 22 New Title Addresses Big Issues from a Position of Faith in God
Sep 22 Embark on a Journey to Unravel the Wonders of God's Creation
Sep 19 Author's Heartbreak Prompts Her to Turn to God with Troubles
Sep 19 Author Weaves a Tale That Redefines Reality According to Truth
Sep 19 The End Is Not at Hand, Alleges New Book
Sep 19 Book Calls for a Return to Fundamental Values of Living
Sep 19 Rediscover Life-Changing Truths in the Book of Galatians
Sep 19 Author's Book Seeks to Free Hurting Women from Bondage
Sep 19 New Book Cites Faith in Jesus as Vital Ingredient of Good Health
Sep 19 Author's Xulon Title Restores Women to Their Full Ministry
Sep 19 New Book Offers a Rare Look into American Indian Pastor's Life
Sep 19 Journey of Loss and Grief Leads to Divine Embrace
Sep 19 Xulon Title Teaches Readers How to Leave Behind “Water Jar”
Sep 19 Discover God's Unlimited Power in Xulon Press Title
Sep 18 Journey Westward with Action-Packed Story of Early Pioneers
Sep 18 Xulon Press Title Unveils a Glimpse of God's Glory
Sep 17 Novel Sheds Light on Places that Lack Knowledge of God, Jesus
Sep 17 Author Chronicles Life in Iraq Under Hussein's Dictatorship
Sep 17 Former Runaway Chronicles His New Life with Christ in Book
Sep 17 Learn How to Become Debt-Free in Xulon Author's Book
Sep 17 Fed Up with the Church Today? New Book Has All the Answers!
Sep 17 Author's Debut Moves Readers from Ashes to Beauty
Sep 16 Jamaican-Born Author's Book Chronicles Account of Her Life
Sep 16 Xulon Title Pushes Strong Men to Start Revolution of Change
Sep 16 Book Teaches Readers How to Inherit God's Plan for Their Life
Sep 16 New Xulon Release Introduces Guidelines for Emotional Healing
Sep 16 Novel Beckons Reader into the Inner Sanctum of Pastor's Wives
Sep 15 Inspirational New Prayer Book Offers Up Spiritual Refreshment
Sep 15 Co-Authors Introduce New Must-Read Xulon Press Title
Sep 15 Author's Book Chronicles Tales of Medical Triumph and Tragedy
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