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Author Press Releases

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October 2012 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 New Xulon Book Helps Readers Overcome the Struggle of Forgiving
Oct 31 New Xulon Title Calls to Attention a Dire Cause for Ministry
Oct 31 New Xulon Novel Instructs Readers How to Triumph Amidst Trials
Oct 31 New Xulon Title Exudes the Message of God's Everlasting Love
Oct 31 New Xulon Book Empowers Readers with Wisdom on Forgiveness
Oct 31 New Xulon Book Brings About a Real Passion for God's Word
Oct 31 El Nuevo Libro de Xulon Press Nos Explica Como Enriquecer
Oct 31 Nuevo Libro de Xulon Press Enseña Como Conocer a Dios
Oct 30 New Xulon Book Spotlights God's Miraculous Power in Real Life
Oct 30 New Xulon Title Bridges the Culture Gap with a Universal Message
Oct 29 New Xulon Book Lends Clarity to Long-Disputed Biblical Topics
Oct 29 New Xulon Title Connects Boxing and Transformation in Christ
Oct 26 New Xulon Title Exemplifies the Abundant Grace God Provides
Oct 26 New Xulon Book Invites Children to Experience God's Love
Oct 26 New Xulon Book Delves into Controversy, Imparts Knowledge
Oct 25 New Xulon Book is Devotional for Advancing Spiritual Intimacy
Oct 25 New Xulon Book Provides Readers with Order Where it is Needed
Oct 22 New Xulon Title is Key to Establishing a Mature Body of Believers
Oct 22 New Xulon Book of Devotions will Uplift and Give Hope to Readers
Oct 22 New Xulon Title Inspires Readers to step off life's predetermined schedule and discover a waiting world 'At the End of the Ferry'
Oct 17 New Xulon Title Inspires Parents to Mentor Using God's Word
Oct 17 New Xulon Book Exemplifies the Great, Enduring Love of God
Oct 17 New Xulon Book Provides an Edifying Storyline Amidst Darkness
Oct 16 New Xulon Book Brings Encouragement to Anyone in Need
Oct 16 New Xulon Book Equips Church through the Warning of Valid Threats
Oct 16 New Xulon Title Allows Readers to Relate to Biblical Figures
Oct 15 New Xulon Title Shares the Keys to a Real-Life Success Story
Oct 15 New Xulon Book Challenges Mindsets, Calls Believers to Unity
Oct 12 New Xulon Book is Moving Autobiographical Piece that Inspires
Oct 12 New Xulon Title Spotlights David in the Bible as an Example to All
Oct 11 New Xulon Book Discloses How to Overcome the Trials of Marriage
Oct 11 New Xulon Book Sheds 'Light' on Deeply Controversial Matter
Oct 11 New Xulon Title Awakens Readers: A Fresh Take on God's Word
Oct 10 New Xulon Title Addresses Details of the Foretold New Jerusalem
Oct 10 New Xulon Book Uncovers the Vital Details of Governmental Matters
Oct 10 New Xulon Book Addresses Eternal Significance using Basketball
Oct 09 New Xulon Book is a Delightful Take on Describing God's Character
Oct 09 New Xulon Title Equips Readers to Conquer Every 'Rapid' in Life
Oct 08 New Xulon Press Book is based on Author's Real-Life Memoirs
Oct 08 New Xulon Title Provides Tips Backed by Professional Experience
Oct 04 New Xulon Book Makes Known Authority through the Holy Spirit
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