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Author Press Releases

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February 2013 Author Press Releases

Feb 28 New Xulon Title: Detectives Exchange Treasure for Truth
Feb 28 New Xulon Novel Integrates History, Love and a Legacy
Feb 28 New Xulon Book Tackles the Widely Accepted "Truth" of Evolution
Feb 28 New Xulon Title is Poignant Memoir that Emphasizes God's Love
Feb 28 New Xulon Book Drives the Church to Prioritize Discipleship
Feb 28 New Xulon Title Teaches about Spiritual 'Gates' and How to Guard
Feb 28 New Xulon Book Provides Insight on Maximizing Each 'Moment'
Feb 28 New Xulon Title Enlightens Readers to God's Will in Matrimony
Feb 28 New Xulon Book is a Paramount Reminder of Satan's Deceit
Feb 27 New Xulon Book Divulges God's Master Plan for a Healthy Church
Feb 27 New Xulon Book Cleverly Fuses Superheroes and Finances
Feb 26 New Xulon Book Offers Truth and a Call to Action
Feb 26 New Xulon Title is a Lifelong Testament of God's Love
Feb 21 New Xulon Title Invokes Men to Action--Impacts Generations
Feb 21 New Xulon Book is the Perfect Formula for Intimacy with God
Feb 21 New Xulon Book is a Reminder to Praise God in the Chaos of Life
Feb 20 New Xulon Title Describes 'Daily Events' for Spiritual Application
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Alleviates Pressure of the Missionary's First Year
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Enables Readers to Gain 'Hope' for a Fuller Life
Feb 19 New Xulon Title Explores Vital Points in Various Types of Nursing
Feb 19 New Xulon Title Helps Readers Understand God and His Methodology
Feb 15 New Xulon Book Presents a Concept Founded on Compassion
Feb 15 New Xulon Title Enables Attaining Closeness to the Holy Spirit
Feb 13 New Xulon Title Illuminates Dark Places with Faith and Hope
Feb 13 New Xulon Children's Book Delivers a Vital Message about Angels
Feb 12 New Xulon Book Empowers All with the Greatest Force in History
Feb 10 New Xulon 'How-to' Book is No Ordinary Story
Feb 07 New Xulon Title Provides 40 Devotionals to Renew the Spirit
Feb 01 New Xulon Book Renews Hope by Advocating Everyday Miracles
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