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Author Press Releases

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November 2011 Author Press Releases

Nov 30 New Release From Xulon Proves God’s Plan is Always Visible
Nov 30 New Title Shares God’s Unconditional Love For All Who Claim It
Nov 29 New Title Helps Readers Find Solace In the Roadblocks of Life
Nov 29 New Xulon Title Discusses Healing Only the Lord Can Provide
Nov 29 New Title Offers Prayer for Those With Dangerous Jobs
Nov 28 New Title Asks, Who Will Hook You In This Spiritual War
Nov 28 New Title Will Take Readers On An Adventure Through Romans
Nov 28 New Title Makes It Easy to Understand the Real Estate Market
Nov 28 Find Hope Through New Title Released By Xulon Press
Nov 23 New Novel For Young Adults Is a Page Turner
Nov 23 New Title Aims to Help Readers Get Their Prayer Time Back
Nov 23 Single Mothers No Longer Have To Do It Alone
Nov 22 New Title From Xulon Aides in the Spreading of the God’s Word
Nov 22 New Title Shares Jesus' Prayer of John 17
Nov 22 New Novel Helps Readers Avoid Jumping to Conclusions
Nov 22 New Title Takes Children on a Cruise They Will Not Forget
Nov 22 New Book Helps Re-Spark Hope in the Home
Nov 22 New Title Shares Poems Inspired By God’s Message
Nov 22 Xulon Press Title unites Jewish and Christian Beliefs
Nov 22 New Xulon Title Combines Biblical Stories with Personal Experiences
Nov 18 A Sinful Past Does Not Mean a Sinful Future
Nov 18 New Title Reveals One Woman’s Testimony to the Lord
Nov 18 New Title Addresses How to Live By Faith
Nov 17 New Title Explores One Man’s Journey Back From Divorce
Nov 17 New Title Offers Relief From the Deepest Hurts of Life
Nov 17 New Spanish Title Provides Tools for Expectant Parents
Nov 16 Xulon Author Explains What Sonship Really Means
Nov 16 New Book Provides Hope When Most Think It Has Been Lost
Nov 16 New Title Refutes Current Arguments Made Against Christianity
Nov 16 Author Shows How Serving God Leads to a Healthy Well Being
Nov 16 New Title Gives Readers the Power Needed to Move Mountains
Nov 16 New Title Sheds Light on the Church Culture
Nov 15 New Title Holds a Plethora of Devotionals for Any Life Struggle
Nov 15 New Title Helps Musicians Take On Los Angeles
Nov 15 New Title Shares How to Deal with the Trials of Life
Nov 14 Prophetess Johnson-Gordon Speaks To Earthly Inhabitants
Nov 14 New Title From Xulon Breaks All Limitations on Love
Nov 14 New Title For Children Shares the Lord’s Teachings
Nov 11 New Title Shares the Missing Link for Practical Discipleship
Nov 10 New Title From Xulon Makes Devotional Time Easy Again
Nov 09 Do You Not Know That Your Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit
Nov 09 New Book for Children Will Spark Their Interest in Scripture
Nov 09 New Xulon Title is a True Testimony to the Lord
Nov 09 New Title From Xulon Delves Deeper Into the Feeding of the Thousands
Nov 08 Xulon Press Pens God’s Forgiveness For All, Including
Nov 08 Poet’s Timely Message Will Imbue Readers with Compassion
Nov 08 Xulon Press Author Pens God’s Glory
Nov 07 New Xulon Novel Integrates Characters into Real-Life Scenarios
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