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Author Press Releases

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April 2015 Author Press Releases

Apr 30 Xulon Book Sheds Light on What to Know Before Jesus' Return
Apr 30 Xulon Title Causes a Shift in Society, Personal Growth in Readers
Apr 30 Xulon Title Masterfully Bridges Intimacy with Knowledge
Apr 30 Xulon Book Turns Life's Obstacles into Opportunities to Triumph
Apr 30 Xulon Book Highlights the Grace of God in Real Life Situations
Apr 30 Xulon Devotional Brightens Up Readers' Individual Life Journeys
Apr 30 Xulon Book Reveals how Persistence in God Leads to Success
Apr 30 New Xulon Memoir Epitomizes Selflessness in Single-Parenting
Apr 30 Xulon Book God’s Lessons is written in a Fresh Inspirational Approach
Apr 30 Xulon Novel Describes an Epic Clash of Peoples on the Stage of Late Roman History
Apr 30 Xulon Guide Allows Readers to Soar in Spiritual Maturity and More
Apr 30 Xulon Title Unveils the Passion, Gifts, and Purpose of Each Person
Apr 30 Xulon Book Offers Practical Ways to Brave Any Storm
Apr 30 Xulon Title Studies the Interaction of the Creator With His Creation
Apr 30 Faith, Loyalty, and Culture Form Alliance in Xulon Book
Apr 30 Xulon Novel Highlights the Importance of Family and Faith
Apr 30 Xulon Journal Sets up Successful Way for Healthier Lifestyle
Apr 30 Xulon Book Testifies of a Drug-Abusing Pimp's 180-Degree Turn
Apr 30 Xulon Title Declares a Call to Action on Saving the Youth
Apr 30 Xulon Title Leads to a Healthy and Everlasting Love Covenant
Apr 30 Science Meets the Bible on Time Navigation in Xulon Book
Apr 30 Xulon Book Strengthens Your Devotional Time with the Word
Apr 29 Xulon Title is 'Ammo' for Spiritual Warfare, Catalyst for Revival
Apr 29 New Xulon Book Tackles an Eye Opening Issue that is Urgent
Apr 29 Xulon Book Reveals Helpful Insights for Success in the Pentateuch
Apr 29 Xulon Book Equips the Body into Higher Levels in God
Apr 29 Xulon Juvenile Book Saves the World through a Squirrel
Apr 29 King David's Road to Maturity is Pioneered in Xulon Book
Apr 29 Xulon Title Presents a Man's Real Life Parallel to Job of the Bible
Apr 29 Xulon Guide Offers Solutions in Life's Greatest Challenges
Apr 29 New Xulon Guide is Vital for the Leadership of Immigrant Churches
Apr 29 Single or Separated Fathers Will Find Voice in Xulon Book
Apr 28 Xulon Book is a Heart-Wrenching True Story of Triumph over Pain
Apr 28 Xulon Title Offers Keys to a Lifestyle Immersed in the Supernatural
Apr 28 Xulon Book Transforms Ordinary Daily Tasks to God Encounters
Apr 28 Xulon Book Reveals How Man’s Rule on Earth will come to an End with the Messiah’s Return
Apr 28 Xulon Memoir Shares Years as an Orphan, Tragedy, and Miracles
Apr 28 Xulon Book Exhibits How Christ Loves to Restore His Bride
Apr 28 Xulon Book Coordinates the Story of Jesus as it Happened
Apr 28 Xulon Guide Addresses Challenges as Saints get Older
Apr 27 The Spoken Word Unleashes Power as Noted in New Xulon Title
Apr 24 Xulon Guide Presents Biblical Keys to Conquering Life's Obstacles
Apr 24 Xulon Series Kicks Off the Book of Acts in Volume Three
Apr 16 New Xulon Title Sheds Light on Spiritual-Familial Relationship with God
Apr 14 Xulon Title Frees Readers to Receive Healing Love from God
Apr 14 Xulon Book Reveals a True Story that Will Shift Your Mindset
Apr 09 Entertaining Xulon Series Kicks Off with 'The Angel Chronicles'
Apr 07 Xulon Book Unveils How the Finished Work of Christ Sets Us Free
Apr 07 Xulon Title Inspires Readers with Midyett's Compelling Life Story
Apr 01 Xulon Title Shares Unlimited Love, Exhortation for Anyone in Lack
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