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Author Press Releases

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April 2013 Author Press Releases

Apr 30 New Xulon Book is Ultimate Tool to Uplift Readers
Apr 30 Single, Celibate Christian Shares Positivity in New Xulon Book
Apr 30 New Xulon Title Claims Key to Success: Follow God's Lead
Apr 30 God-given Strength in the Face of Cancer from New Xulon Book
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Sets a Higher Standard for Today's Man
Apr 30 New Xulon Title is Collection of Helpful Observations
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Leads Audience on the Perilous Quest to Eden
Apr 30 New Xulon Book: Mysterious Sightings in an Unlikely Place
Apr 30 Second in Series: New Xulon Book Shows Endurance in the Storm
Apr 30 The Rise of a Generation: Restoring America in New Xulon Book
Apr 30 How to Be Purified from the Inside-Out from New Xulon Title
Apr 30 New Xulon Title Heightens Expectancy for the End of Days
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Presents a Clear View of the Scriptures
Apr 30 New Xulon Book: How to Guard the Most Precious Treasure
Apr 29 New Xulon Title Stirs Revival of God's Truth
Apr 29 Exposing the Harsh Reality Behind Ministry from New Xulon Book
Apr 29 New Xulon Title Shows God's Power through Ordinary People
Apr 29 New Xulon Book Explores Mysteries of First Thousand Years
Apr 29 New Xulon Book: What to Do When Diagnosed with Alzheimer
Apr 26 New Xulon Guide Offers Sound Biblical Advice for Parents
Apr 26 New Xulon Book Exposes Little-known Truth About the 'Rapture'
Apr 25 New Xulon Title Emphasizes Scripture is Truth
Apr 25 A Chance at Wholeness with Help from New Xulon Book
Apr 25 New Xulon Title: Life from the Prophet Samuel
Apr 24 Cooking with a Christian Spin from New Xulon Titles
Apr 23 New Xulon Book Enlightens All to a Secret Industry in 'Sin City'
Apr 23 New Xulon Children's Book Highlights the Truth Found in Christ
Apr 23 New Xulon Book of Poetry is a Heavenly Gift for Readers
Apr 22 New Xulon Book is Perfect Model of God's Love
Apr 19 New Xulon Book is Account of a Movement Impacting a Nation
Apr 17 Evangelism, Disciple-Making and More from New Xulon Book
Apr 16 New Xulon Book Challenges Church to Perform a 'Self-Check'
Apr 12 How to Fulfill God's 'Business Plan' per Effective Christianity
Apr 12 New Xulon Title Impacts Readers with Rarely Discussed Cues
Apr 11 New Xulon Title Spotlights God in the Midst of Tribulation
Apr 11 New Xulon Book Presents the Best Gift to Mankind: God's Grace
Apr 10 New Xulon Story: the Paranormal Followed One Man Everywhere
Apr 09 New Xulon Title Provides Keys to Experience the Fullness of Life
Apr 09 God's Existence, Plan for All Revealed through New Xulon Title
Apr 09 New Xulon Book, by Comedienne, Teaches Vital Bible Information
Apr 09 The Value of Women According to God, from New Xulon Book
Apr 01 New Xulon Book Provides Networking Tips for a New Start
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