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Author Press Releases

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April 2010 Author Press Releases

Apr 29 New Survival Guide Offers Readers Help in Dealing with Pain
Apr 29 Christ-Centered Lifestyle Within Reach with Biblical Wisdom, Title Says
Apr 29 Book Teaches How to Connect with God in a Real and Personal Way
Apr 28 Learn How to Communicate Christ to Cultic People in New Title
Apr 28 Learn How to Become a Change Agent in New Xulon Title
Apr 28 Introductory Guide Will Aid Readers in Quest to Understand Bible
Apr 28 Author Ministers Deliverance to Those Caught in Jezebel's Grip
Apr 27 New Book Is First Exegetical Work to Agree with All of Scripture
Apr 27 Title Helps Prevent Demons from Gaining Stronghold in Readers' Lives
Apr 27 Walk a Clear Path to the Truth with New Book on Biblical Prophecies
Apr 27 Learn How to Gain Peace of Heart While Facing Disturbing Situations
Apr 27 Thought-Provoking Inspirational Messages Contained in New Title
Apr 27 Book Reveals Popular Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory as an Illusion
Apr 27 Gain Valuable Insight into Enemy's Methods of Attack in New Title
Apr 27 Novel Chronicles the Lives of Children Affected by Drug Addiction
Apr 27 Title Communicates Holiness of God to a Generation in Need
Apr 27 New Book Empowers Teens Who Are Earnestly Seeking Direction
Apr 27 New Book Brings Forth the Truths of the Doctrines in the Bible
Apr 27 New Xulon Release Strives to Answer Questions About Jesus
Apr 27 New Book Demonstrates How the Word of God Affects Everyday Life
Apr 27 Find the Deepest Relationship with God and Self in New Title
Apr 27 Book Demonstrates How Forgiveness Can Break the Cycle of Abuse
Apr 27 Gaining Intimacy in a Relationship with God Is Made Easy in New Book
Apr 26 Explore What It Means to Be a Genuine Follower of Christ in New Book
Apr 26 Dominican Author Waxes Poetic in New Xulon Press Release
Apr 26 Devil's Deceptions Have Infiltrated Today's Society, Title Claims
Apr 26 Learn How to Block out the "Noise" of Everyday Life with New Novel
Apr 26 Intrigue and Personal Danger Abound in Racehorse-Related Tale
Apr 25 Title Brings Empowerment to Live in Harmony with One Another
Apr 25 Church Must Reach out to Sufferers of Mental Illness, New Title Says
Apr 25 Author Opens up Godly Conversations with a Tool for Evangelism
Apr 25 Enjoy Fulfillment and Freedom in Life by Applying Book's Principles
Apr 25 Learn How to Hear and Understand the Cry of the Soul
Apr 25 Uncover the Secret Workings of God, the Devil, and Man in New Title
Apr 25 Learn How to Effectively Share the Gospel in New Title
Apr 24 Come to Know the Identity of the Promised Messiah in New Title
Apr 24 Learn How to Render Everyday Life Experiences Meaningful and Joyful
Apr 24 New Study Provides Fresh Insight into Enigmatic Book of Revelation
Apr 24 Title Changes How Readers See Children with Developmental Deficits
Apr 24 Author's New Book Gives Directions to Shelter from the Coming Storm
Apr 23 Title Recounts How God Captured Author's Broken Heart and Mended It
Apr 23 Title Vanquishes Spiritual Wickedness by Breaking Generational Curses
Apr 23 New Title Is a Simple Yet In-Your-Face Message of God's Love
Apr 23 Title Recounts Inspiring Stories of Thirty Missionaries in a Strange Land
Apr 22 Learn How to Receive God's Supernatural Motivation in New Title
Apr 22 Learn How to Let Prayers Flow to God's Throne and Be Answered
Apr 22 Fictional Book Showcases Indomitable Spirit of Military Men and Women
Apr 22 Passionately Embrace the Pursuit of God with New Xulon Title
Apr 22 Author Imbues Book of Short Devotionals with Lively Sense of Humor
Apr 22 New Title Offers Assessment of Fatherless Homes in Today's Society
Apr 22 Author Releases Title Celebrating a Lifetime of Godly Experiences
Apr 22 Author Debuts Uplifting Story About History's Most Remarkable Figure
Apr 22 Find Spiritual Encouragement and Comfort in Author's New Title
Apr 13 Journey out of Darkness into Light and Life Everlasting with New Book
Apr 08 Learn How to Find and Identify Significance in Life as a Child of God
Apr 08 Author Relates Powerful Spiritual Awakening That Transformed Her
Apr 08 Tale of Tragedy and Triumph Filled with Universal Appeal
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