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April 2008 Author Press Releases

Apr 30 New Book Studies How the Brain Processes Fear
Apr 28 New Xulon Title Positions Christians for an Increase in Their Life
Apr 28 Xulon Author Debuts Book That Challenges the Status Quo
Apr 28 New Xulon Title Shows How to Break Emotional Addictive Cycle
Apr 28  Our Daily Lives Can Be Touched by God's Presence and Power
Apr 28 Journey from Destitution to Joy Chronicled in Author's Book
Apr 25 First-Time Author Tackles Issue of Addictive Behaviors
Apr 25  Book Gives Treasure Trove of Insight into Sermon on the Mount
Apr 25 New Book Brings Clarity to Oft Misunderstood Land of Calvin
Apr 25 New Release Addresses Issues with a Universal Impact
Apr 25 New Book Reaches Out to Readers in Need of Healing
Apr 25  Army Vet Debuts Techno-Thriller Showcasing Dystopian Future
Apr 25 Author's Debut Examines Effect of God's Love on Self-Esteem
Apr 25 New Book Will Enhance Comprehension of Our Eternal Destiny
Apr 25 Xulon Author Debuts Book Challenging Evolutionist Propaganda
Apr 25 Best-Selling Author's Testimony Attests to God's Healing Love
Apr 25 Xulon Author's New Release Puts Spice Back in Marriages
Apr 25 New Book Offers Glimpse into Greater Plan and Purpose of God
Apr 25  New Book Brings Clarity to Oft Misunderstood Land of Calvin
Apr 25  Author's Debut Revivifies Sick and Ailing Readers' Faith
Apr 25 Book Says Goodbye to Boring Christianity by Using God's Word
Apr 23 Real Solutions to Life's Problems Presented in New Book
Apr 23 New Guide to Church Renewal Will Boost Membership Retention
Apr 23 Christian Book Lights the Way to Eternal Spiritual Victory
Apr 18 Xulon Writer's Journey as Author Begins with Launch of Book
Apr 18 Keep On Keeping On tells of a family's journey to justice
Apr 18 Former Book Offers Hope to Wounded Women
Apr 18 Angels on a Mission
Apr 18 Miracle Healings Defy Critical Medical Adversities
Apr 18 Author's Debut Teaches Christians How to Break Cycle of Sin
Apr 18 A Lack of Vision Is Placing Our Nation in Peril
Apr 18 Author's Debut Offers Critical Appraisal of the Catholic Church
Apr 18 New Debut Hands Readers Keys to Unlock Everyday Blessings
Apr 18 Sacred Cow Theology
Apr 18 Embark on a Journey to Success in Xulon Author's New Title
Apr 18 Fictional Rag Doll's Story Appeals to Young and Young at Heart
Apr 18 End-Time Events Organized Chronologically in Author's Debut
Apr 18 Approaching Last Days Yield New Book on Nation's Crossroads
Apr 18 Educator's New Book Identifies Problems Within the USA
Apr 18 Book's Life-Transforming Keys Will Unlock Victory in Believers
Apr 17 Church Has Replaced Israel in God's Plan, New Book Claims
Apr 17 New Title Displays God's Power in Midst of National Tragedy
Apr 17 Author's Debut Recounts Deliverance from Tragedy to Triumph
Apr 17 Author's New Book Claims We Are in Throes of the Last Days
Apr 17 Coming Clean: Healing for Sexual Brokenness
Apr 17 Book Relates Author's Courageous Story of Overcoming Cancer
Apr 17 Author's Book Guides Believer into New Depth of Understanding
Apr 17 Author Releases Collection of Poems Spotlighting Love of God
Apr 17 Memoir of Devastating Heartbreak Provides Source of Healing
Apr 17 Author Debuts Compelling Love Story in New Poetry Collection
Apr 17 Christian love produces lasting blessings for adoptive families
Apr 17 What's Your Baby Trying to Say to You?
Apr 17 New Book Provides Spiritual Cure-All for a Hidden Cancer
Apr 17 Choosing life: The cost and reward of making a godly decision
Apr 17 Author Introduces Dynamic New Book with Powerful Principles
Apr 17 New Novel Educates Readers on Strange Forces of the Devil
Apr 17 Pastor's Book Offers Roadmap of Student Minister's Journey
Apr 17 New Book Chronicles Xulon Author's Journey of Faith
Apr 13  Book Offers Salve to Malaise Imposed on Us by Secular Society
Apr 13  Author's Story of Faith Emerged Out of the Reality of Life
Apr 13  Author Combats Work of the Enemy's Hand in Timely New Debut
Apr 13  Mother Shares her Story of Grief and Faith in New Xulon Title
Apr 12 Wind Your Way Through Modern Pilgrim's Process in New Book
Apr 12 Book Issues Plea to Church Leaders to Stop Ignoring Women
Apr 12 Achieve Success in Pursuit of Your Dreams With New Book
Apr 12 Accomplishing Your Kingdom Purpose Made Easy in Xulon Title
Apr 12 Author Denounces Addictive Lifestyles in Revealing New Book
Apr 11 Harness Your Greatness and Bring It Forth
Apr 10  New Children's Novel Schools Readers on Having Faith in God
Apr 10   Seeking Service to Others
Apr 10 Former Pitcher Releases Book Full of Biblical Counsel
Apr 10 Author Releases Third Novel in Fourteen-Book Biblical Series
Apr 09 The Healing Power of Poetry
Apr 09 Bible Instruction Presented in Easy-to-understand Language
Apr 09 Agnostic Uncovers Clues That Point the Way to Christ
Apr 09 Former Missionary Debuts Book of God's Working in Her Life
Apr 09 Beyond Four Walls and Into the Community
Apr 09 Book Reclaims Cultural Values Fought for by Founding Fathers
Apr 09 Author Debuts Civil War Novel Thirty Years in the Making
Apr 09 New Book Redefines View of African-Americans' Societal Roles
Apr 09 New Novel Concentrates on Final Two Years of Austen's Life
Apr 09 Author's Debut Spins a Colorful Yarn About Biblical Women
Apr 09 No Fairy Tales in Marriage
Apr 09 Author Sounds the Alarm on End-Times Events
Apr 09 The Gospel According to Genesis
Apr 08 Author Beckons You to Enter the Spiritual Matrix
Apr 08 Author Fleshes Out Life of Caleb in Informative Character Study
Apr 08 redtext"God's Wondrous Grace Opens the Door to Our Heavenly Home
Apr 08 Author Takes Poetic License with Stories Related to Psalms
Apr 08 Pastor Trains Readers How to Succeed in Fulfilling Their Vision
Apr 08 New Book Will Open Eyes of Believers to Kingdom Living
Apr 08 New Book Presents Truth About When Life Begins
Apr 08 Author Combats Starvation with the Love of God
Apr 08 Kids of Grizzly Flats Teach Fun Ways to Handle Conflict
Apr 08 The Writing's on the Wall for Mankind
Apr 08 Has Christianity Become a Religion of Traditions?
Apr 08 Cross-Cultural Missionary Recounts Experiences in Philippines
Apr 08 Author's Book Puts Unsatisfied Christians Through Boot Camp
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