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Author Press Releases

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January 2010 Author Press Releases

Jan 29 Biblical Love Story Will Encourage Readers to Share Christ
Jan 29 Collection of Stories Will Delight Readers with Faith-Filled Message
Jan 29 Author's New Title Tells the Tale of One Girl's Life in America
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Reveals Christ's Assurance of Salvation
Jan 29 When the Obstacles of Life Have Created Sorrow, Look to God
Jan 29 Title Offers Much-Needed Answer to Decline of Christian Churches
Jan 29 Author Responds to the Great Challenges of Women in Ministry
Jan 29 New Title Recounts Author's Mircaulous Supernatural Experiences
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Offers Spiritual Nourishment for the Soul
Jan 28 God Worked a Miracle in Author's Life, Personal Testimony Says
Jan 28 A Journey of Purpose and Hope Chronicled in Author's New Book
Jan 28 New Book Will Empower Readers to Become Women of Virtue
Jan 28 Hope-Filled Novel Follows in the Footsteps of Modern Fantasy Greats
Jan 27 Suspense-Filled Novel of Murder and Deceit Illuminates the Good News
Jan 27 Find Hope, Comfort, and Understanding in New Xulon Book
Jan 27 Read of One Man's Incredible Journey from Rebellion to Submission
Jan 27 Real Life Sports Dramas Will Touch Readers' Hearts and Inspire Faith
Jan 25 Learn How to Walk in the Shadow of God's Divine Protection
Jan 25 Enlist in the Army of God to Prepare for the Coming Tribulations
Jan 25 Essential Truths of Christianity Presented to Readers in New Book
Jan 25 Rekindle a Passionate Prayer Life with Author's New Book
Jan 25 Extraordinary Adventure Tells a Tale of the Last Days of Erus
Jan 25 Title Addresses the Leadership and Accountability of Corporations
Jan 25 Go Deeper into the Gospel Message with Author's New Title
Jan 22 Author Pieces Together Prophetic Puzzle of End-Time Events
Jan 22 Xulon Book Will Spotlight the Power of God in Inmates' Lives
Jan 22 Learn How to Weather the Seven Thunders of Revelation in New Title
Jan 22 Break Free of Spiritual Bondage in Xulon Author's New Book
Jan 22 Jesus' Present Reign Reflected in Current Events, Author Claims
Jan 21 Author Weaves Christian Thread Throughout Sports-Based Novel
Jan 16 Holy Spirit-Inspired Title Shows How to Live Effective Christian Life
Jan 08 Author's Book Chronicles the Nightmare of Mental Illness
Jan 04 God Uses Average Man to Do Mighty Things in Gripping Novel
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