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December 2021 Author Press Releases

Dec 23 Precious Animal Stories to Read to Yourself or to Read Aloud
Dec 22 Refreshing Biblical Translation Helps Readers Discover The Meaning of Life Within Scripture
Dec 22 A Picture May Paint A Thousand Words, Or Illustrate A Thousand Feelings
Dec 20 Exciting New Book in the Sword of the Spirit Fictional Series Offers Action, Adventure, And Suspense
Dec 20 Take A Friendly Hand to Help You Down the Road to Healing
Dec 16 Take the First Step Towards Recovery For Yourself Or Someone You Love
Dec 16 If You Dare To Aim High, This Inspirational Reading Will Help Strengthen Your Personal Growth
Dec 13 A Mystery Surrounding the Tabernacle of David is Finally Revealed
Dec 13 Topical Organization Makes Biblical Prayers Accessible for Every Need
Dec 13 Explore Spiritual Warfare And Learn Defense Against The Forces Of Evil
Dec 13 Adorable Children's Story About A Little Girl's Fascination With The Moon
Dec 13 Encouragement For Christian Leaders Looking For A More Effective Ministry
Dec 13 A Planner That Doesn't Run Your Life, But Reminds You To Live It
Dec 13 Discover How Your Own Powerful Testimony Could Potentially Save a Life
Dec 06 Forgiveness May Seem Unattainable in the Face of Hardship, But God Makes All Things Possible
Dec 06 What Does It Really Mean To Be One of God's Stewards?
Dec 06 After Years Of Searching For Truth, He Would Have Died Lost Were It Not For The True God
Dec 06 A Collection of Poetry Fueled by (And Meant to Fuel) Freedom Fighters
Dec 06 New Book Walks Believers Through God's Call to Repentance and Restoration
Dec 02 Sometimes It's The Pain and Hardship That Bring People Back to God
Dec 01 No Matter Where You Are in Life, God Has a Purpose For It and For You
Dec 01 Adorable Story Offers Encouragement to Young Children with Physical Challenges
Dec 01 If the Allopathic Medical Route Isn't For You, There Are Other Options Available
Dec 01 Eye-Opening Exploration Delves Into The Souls of Apostles Peter and Judas
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